New Hover Board Laws For The New Year

Hover boards have taken the world by storm in 2015. It seems as if almost everyone has one and those who don’t have one just have to to get their hands on the hands free scooter. Although hover boards seem cool they are also very dangerous. People have been falling off of them and getting seriously injured and they have been reported to catch on fire. That’s crazy! Now there are new laws pertaining to the hands free scooter device and if you got one for Christmas and you’re under 16 years old you might want to return it for something else. Check out the rest of the story after the jump.

Connecticut Police Announce Plan To Open Unlocked Vehicles And Seize Valuables

No criminal activity, no suspicion of wrongdoing, just cops wandering around, opening car doors and seizing valuables. But they’re doing it for “you”. Police in Connecticut announce a new plan to open unlocked vehicles and seize valuable items. Hit the jump to see why.

Auto: Ireland Might Allow Drunk Driving?

This concept is crazy, but let the drunken stereotypes begin. Of course a possible law like this would originate in Ireland. A councilman in the county of Kerry has put forth a motion to allow some drinkers to drive after a “few” drinks without the worry of being arrested and losing their licesne. Ireland surprisingly enough has a lower legal limit than most of the U.S. In Ireland .05 is the legal limit, while it is mostly .08 here in the states. Read more after the jump.

Woman Forced Into Sex Trade When She Was 13 Has Prostitution Convictions Thrown Out Under New Sex-Trafficking Law

A former Bronx prostitute who was forced into the sex trade at 13 years old became the first American citizen to have her prostitution convictions thrown out under New York’s sex-trafficking law. Hit the jump to read the rest of the story. @WiL

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