Jeremih Announces “Late Nights Europe” Mixtape

Jeremih gave some exciting news to USA Today earlier. He announced he’s got a brand new mixtape dropping in the near future aka tonight apparently. He’s keeping the late night title rolling with “Late Nights Europe” Mixtape. This was inspired and recorded during Jeremih’s recent European tour. Jeremih told USA Today, “Nobody really knows,” Jeremih revealed. “I was on a European tour for the last 30 days and the best thing about it was creating a new body of work called Late Nights Europe.” He continued, “We did, like, 23 songs .We’re probably going to drop it tonight as a gift, not only to myself but to my fans.” Check back here tonight if it drops! Source: USA Today Ryan Flannery (Twitter:@Flannery15)

(Video) Two Not So Sweet Men

Two men named Mohamad Ali and Homdan Alsaidi worked at a candy store. Did they really work only with candy? No. They also sold drugs.

Man Faces Sex Charges For Keeping 12 Girls In His Home

A 51 year old man named Lee Kaplan is facing sexual assault charges. Kaplan is being charge for keeping 12 girls in his home.

Rio de Janeiro Declared A State of Financial Emergency In Order to Fund Olympics

This year’s Olympics is scheduled to take place in Rio de Janeiro, but has hit some bumps in the road in the preparation for the big event. The governor has declared a state of financial emergency and requested federal funds to help fulfill obligations.

Yikes! A Powerful Witch Casts A Hex On Brock Turner Convicted Rapist

People are outraged at the poor sentencing for the convicted rapist Brock Turner who was originally sentenced six months in prison that decreased to three months. Well, Melanie Hexen who identifies herself as a witch and her brood could not come to terms with his sentencing.

(Video) 12 Year Old Girl Catches Home Intruder After Taking Photos & Calling 911!!

12-year-old, Taylor Blanton was in the kitchen waiting for her mom to come home from work when a burglar tried getting in. She dialed 911 and gave the operator a very detailed description.

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