Cody Walker, The Brother Of Paul Walker Lands His First Major Acting Role

Coming out at separate times, however, looking like twins has served well for the younger brother of Paul Walker, Cody Walker. The 27-year-old, following his brother’s tragic death, was the Furious 7 fill-in and the reason the film was released. Cody will now star in his own major acting role, from start to finish, in the upcoming film, USS Indianapolis: Men of Courage.

Auto:(Video) “Eleanor” From Gone In 60 Seconds For Sale

You don’t really even have to be into cars to have seen the movie “Gone In 60 Seconds” back in 2000. Or over the years I am sure many of you have seen it on dvd or on TV. The hottest car from that movie, and pretty much the car the movie was based around could now be yours. “Eleanor”, the 1967 Ford Mustang that was the biggest prize for Nicholas Cage in the film is going up for auction next month. Only problem is the car is not going to go for short money. They are expecting bids to get close or pass the $500,000 mark. For a collector it is a must have. Not many people can say they have the actual car from any movie in their garage. This is definitely one of the best Mustangs you will ever see. For those of you who cant quite remember the ride, watch the clip from the movie after the jump.

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