The Voice Of ‘Squidward’ Gets Hit With A DUI But Luckily It Won’t Cost Him His Job!

It looks like Rodger Bumpass – the man who is the voice behind Squidward on Spongebob Squarepants – won’t be losing his job after getting hit with a DUI back on January 15th of this year. Bumpass was “worried sick” that he would be getting canned from his gig but according to Nickelodeon, a DUI isn’t an “immoral act,” which would be the only thing that could technically get him fired.

For My 90s Babies: Nickelodeon Is Ready To Bring Back “As Told By Ginger”

I am a grown woman and this is still extremely exciting news! Nickelodeon has made the announcement that they plan to bring back one of our old-time favorite shows, As Told By Ginger. The network reportedly met up with Emily Kapnek, the creator of the show, to add it to the list of old resurrected TV shows to air again. Hey Arnold (which was and still is the best Nickelodeon show EVER) is another one that still airs frequently.

Former Nickelodeon Star Arrested For DUI [Mug Shot Photo]

Yesterday was not very lit for former Nickelodeon star Drake Bell. The Drake & Josh star was driving in Glendale, CA in the early afternoon, when an officer saw him swerving and speeding (55 in a 35) after abruptly stopping at a red light. He was quickly pulled over, and administered an on-site sobriety test after cops smelled liquor on his breath. Needless to say, he failed, and was locked up for nearly ten hours before bailing out for $20k. Sheesh!

(Video) Perfect For #TBT: Kel Mitchell Reflects On Orange Soda

We all know Kel Mitchell loved some orange soda back in the day on Kenan & Kel – but is that still the case? The Nickelodeon star is all grown up now, and he’s actually gearing up to star in a new show on the network that made him a household name back in the 90s, and recently sat down with Huffington Post to discuss it all. Watch the clip below to see what he thinks about orange soda today, as well as how he and Kenan Thompson dealt with fame at such an early age. Is it true? Mm-hmm!

There May Be An Entire CHANNEL Called ‘The Splat’ That Will Be Dedicated To 90s Nick

There were first rumors that some old Nickelodeon cartoons would be coming back, but as the channel does that on specials every now and again, I didn’t feel like it was anything worth reporting. However, it appears it’s going to be an entire throwback channel dedicated to our beloved 90s programming! Though there has been no official statement from Nick, The Splat has been making a presence on social media as of late, teasing trailers with some of my fellow 80s and 90s babies’ favorite shows from our childhood. From Rocko’s Modern Life to Hey Arnold, Rugrats and more, it seems like this could be everything we’ve been hoping for since these shows went off the air! The only thing I haven’t seen that I’m hoping for is the shows with actual actors too – like Clarissa Explains It All, Double Dare, What Would You Do?, etc. I guess we’ll see! Check out the trailer below and peruse The Splat on Twitter here and on Instagram here.

Bringing Back The 90s: Nickelodeon Is Planning To Bring Back The Classic Shows

I don’t know about you but this is some of the best information I’ve read all day. In a recent interview with Variety, content president of Nickelodeon, Russell Hicks announced that the station is looking for ways to bring back the classic 90s shows. This would include quite a few of my personal faves, like Hey Arnold!, Rugrats and Doug. Hit the jump for the details.

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