(Video) Celebrities Honor 49 People Killed In Orlando Attack

In a moving video, 49 celebrities show their condolences to those lives taken in the ‘Pulse’ nightclub attack. This attack was one of the deadliest attacks on the LGBTQ communities.

Alleged Nightclub Assault Victim Wants An Apology From YG & Ty Dolla $ign!

The Australian clubgoer who allegedly was assaulted by YG and Ty Dolla $ign at a nightclub isn’t going to press any charges, if he gets one thing… an apology! Read more after the jump…

Lindsay Lohan’s Partying Days Are Far From Over

Oh Lindsay, what would Oprah say? Lindsay was seen partying it up at a night club in Cannes, France last night. Seems like it was all in good fun, but with her past issues with sobreity we can only hope.

(Video) Dude Tries To Explain Why He Was ‘Beating Off’ Over Nasty Toilet In A Club

Video picks up just after dude was caught and pulled his pants back up(Thank God), and his ass really tried to justify that sh*t 0_o

(*Warning*Graphic*Video*) Caught On Tape: Shooting In Front Of Night Club

This is another Crazy video of someone boldly shooting someone in public, this time outside of a night club, and apparently over a bar fight inside. Now I believe the way this happens, the gun man kinda chilling out right before, this would be 1st Degree Murder! Drop down to see for yourself.

(Video) Rick Ross Performs ‘F*CKWITHMEYOUKNOWIGOTIT’ At Mansion Nightclub !!!

Live & In Full Effect, Rick Ross and some of the MMG Crew lived it up a few night’s ago at Mansion Night Club where Ross performed “F*CKWITHMEYOUKNOWIGOTIT,’ fresh off of Jay-Z’s ‘Magna Carta Holy Grail.’ Check it out after the jump!

Justin Bieber Gets Kicked Out Of The Club For What?!?

Setting aside the fact that Biebs is making a buttload of money, he is having a no-good very bad year. Justin Bieber was partying hard in Chi-town when some security took notice of him and called the police. Find out why he got kicked out after the jump.

Security Guard Stabs Man, Gets Put To Sleep

I found this pretty funny. It seems that a fight broke out between a man working security at a banquet hall party and one of the guests in Germantown (Philly) on Saturday, June 29th. After the initial confrontation, the guard returned with a knife. Hit the jump to see how the guest reacted.

NBA: Oh Damn! Tony Parker Using Chris Brown/Frank Ocean Fight As Evidence In His Lawsuit!

Tony Parker is taking advantage of the Chris Brown/Frank Ocean altercation.  He is using Chris Brown’s temper in that case as a secret weapon in his lawsuit against a New York City nightclub from when Chris Brown and Drake got into that bottle brawl.  Details after the jump…

(Photos) Fire Kills Over 245 People In Brazil Nightclub, Hundreds More Injured

The Kiss Club in Brazil had only one working exit, so when the bands pyrotechnic display went off and started a fire terror struck and calamity ensued. Over 500 people were jam packed in this club when the flames from a flare ignited the ceiling and turned half of the patrons into corpses before they could escape the room. Witnesses report seeing bodies everywhere. Many died from asphyxiation, others were trampled trying to force their way out of the single exit. Survivor Taynne Vendrusculo, had this to say, “When I looked around, all I saw were dead bodies all around, lying on the floor. It was macabre. It all happened so fast. Both the panic and the fire spread rapidly, in seconds.” Hit the jump for more.

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