Brian Williams Will Lose Nightly News Position But Expected To Stay At NBC

Things could be looking up for the former Nightly News anchor Brian Williams. After a scandal that destroyed the once beloved news anchor’s credibility, it seems that an agreement has been made between Williams and NBC. Williams was suspended back in February after soldiers came forward and said that the anchorman had wrongly recounted the evens in an Iraq War mission in 2003. Williams claimed that he was aboard a helicopter that was forced down by an RPG, when he was actually aboard a completely different helicopter. Soon after Williams was under attack and his credibility on many of his stories was challenged. NBC initiated an internal investigation, led by their best investigative producer, Richard Esposito. Williams was then suspended for six months without pay while he was investigated. The Nightly News Program was then taken over by Lester Holt. According to most recent reports, Holt will permanently hold the position as anchor for the Nightly News program. He now the first black solo anchor of a weekday network nightly newscast. But where does this leave Brian Williams? Hit the jump for more.

(Video) Immortal Technique Talks Illuminati, Gun Control, Immigration, And More!

Immortal Technique aka Felipe Coronel is not only a talented rapper but also an intelligent person. He sat down with Alex Jones of Info Wars and discussed really important subjects that are being overlooked. These topics were the Illuminati, the New World Order, Gun Control, Immigration, and more. This video is extensive but filled with food for thought. Definitely check it out to see his perspective!

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