Nintendo Now Sells Refurbished Consoles

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has launched a service to sell refurbished a 3DS and DSi consoles directly to consumer. The consoles will be inspected by techs and tested to make sure they work properly.

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Nintendo 3DS Direct Coming This Week

Nintendo 3DS

Nintendo has announced a brand new Nintendo Direct presentation set to air this week. The company will show a Nintendo Direct episode featuring the Nintendo 3DS on Wednesday, April 17th. It will be streaming live at Nintendo Direct at 7 a.m. PT/10 a.m. ET.

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Is This A ‘Holiday Have To Have’ Video Game????


Tech Talk News: Looks Like the 3DS Game Resident Evil Revelations Is Coming To PS3/Xbox 360
Resident Evil: Revelations was a major hit for Nintendo 3DS, & it looks like it’s finally coming to consoles. Capcom always ports their games to other systems, so this shouldn’t be surprising. But after Resident Evil 6 didn’t get a lot of good reviews, it’s nice that they’re willing to put out a good game for everyone to play. Trailer after the jump!

Tat Wza

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Tech Talk Gaming: The Nintendo 3DS Reached A Big Milestone!


What epic event happened with the Nintendo 3DS? Check out their recent milestone below.

ShottaDru X TatWza

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Tech Talk Gaming: Nintendo’s Wii U Will Have A Full App Store!!!

This is a real great add-on for those who are interested in the Wii U. I expect a lot of popular mobile apps to be compatible with the Wii U. Check out the full story after the jump.




Shotta Dru on Google+

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Tech Talk News: Nintendo 3DS Set To Beat DS First-Year Sales

This week its appearing quite possible that regardless of doubts in its success and the whole price slashsituation, the Nintendo 3DS may well surpass its DS predecessor’s first year sales. It is important to note first of all that even though the price cut didn’t make everyone on the streets happy, sales did rise significantly. Sales started to soar come August of this year, and now according to the NPD Group the system has passed the 1.65 million units sold mark in the USA putting the device right on track to beat out the original in the same span.

@TatWZA @@Yungjohnnybravo

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Tech Talk Accessory: Nintendo’s 3DS Gets A Joysick(Pause)???

 The Pic after the Jump seems to show a japanese magazine showing a Nintendo add on that should make it’s way to the States, but there is NO definite word on she of for how much, but what we do know is the add-on is bulky as hell! Of Course See for yourself!!


WZA on Google+

Would you buy this?? I mean the 3DS sales in the US haven’t exactly been stellar, do you think this will help or hurt sales…..Will this cradle to a clamshell with an added R2 button move units????

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Tech Talk Alert: Netflix Now On Nintendo 3DS!!!

Just letting you know if you have a 3DS or are getting a 3DS, And you have a Netflix account, you ar now able to view on your 3DS, That’s All, Enjoy!!! Just remember Netflix has New pricing!

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3DS Is The Highest 1st Day Sales For Nintendo HandHelds!

Nintendo is all Bragging “U.S. day-one sales numbers for Nintendo 3DS were the highest of any Nintendo hand-held system in our history,”…See Details.

Plus tech support calls it received was also “well below the rate experienced during past hardware launches,” But actual sales figures until April 14th.

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Nintendo 3DS Gets A (Battery)Life Saver!!!

We told you the Nintendo 3DS has a wack ass battery, with3 hours playtime(in 3D), but have no fear, Nyko has the Power Pak+ to the rescue…See Details.

It’s replacing the stock Nintendo pack, screwing on to the back and offering double the battery life. The company is also releasing a new charging stand that will let you juice up that pack just by setting it down, necessary because the stock charging pad won’t work with this new pack. The Power Pak+ will cost $19.99 and ships on March 27, while the Charge Base is $29.99 and hits stores a week later.

Press Release:
Nyko Doubles the Juice with New Charge Base and Power Pak+ for Nintendo® 3DS

LOS ANGELES – March 8, 2011

Nyko Technologies today announced two new accessories set to debut with the launch of the new Nintendo® 3DS handheld system this March. On launch day Nyko will release the Power Pak+, a high capacity rechargeable battery pack for Nintendo 3DS that offers double the capacity and battery life of the original 3DS battery. One week later Nyko will release the newest Charge Base, designed to store your Nintendo 3DS and make sure it’s always fully juiced with easy drop-in charging.

“Every new console or game system launch is an opportunity for us to find ways to improve the user’s experience with the device through innovative technology,” said Chris Arbogast, director of marketing, Nyko Technologies. “We are proud

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