(Video) Boxing: Mike Tyson Gets Knocked Out By Mike Tyson? Check The Video


This video is great! One of the most popular video games of all time, “Mike Tyson’s Punch Out” had everyone wanting to knock out Iron Mike! Many tried and many failed and many kids went crazy trying to beat the game. If you ever wondered what it would be like for Mike Tyson to play against himself, now you can see it as his appearance on the Jimmy Fallon show took a turn for the best. The result is actually pretty hilarious.

(Video) Check Out What Nintendo Has Coming #NintendoDirect

IFWT_nintendo world

If you’re a Zelda fan, you may truly enjoy this!!

RIP: Nintendo Ex-President Dies At 85

IFWT_F Nintendo Ex President Dies At 85

The man that revolutionized the video game industry by intro’ing the world to Super Mario has passed away at the tender age of 85.

Would You Use THIS Over Sized Controller???

NES Table

Someone has creator a coffee table that is also a fully functional Nintendo game controller. Nintendo NES controller coffee table is made from maple, mahogany and walnut woods and has a retractable cord to connect to the console. It will set you back $3,700.00 and there is also a non functional version that cost $2,300 for this made to order custom table. Check the gallery for pics. TatWza Source

Nintendo Partners With This Company To Let Gamers Do WHAT?!?!

Wii U

Nintendo made a major announcement during on Nintendo Direct. During the upcoming E3 week gamers will be able to try out the upcoming releases in some Best Buy stores across the US and Canada.

Nintendo Wants Its Money!!!!


Apparently Nintendo has been on a content claiming spree on YouTube. The company has been issuing content ID match claims on all “Let’s Play” videos that feature their brand.

Wii U Virtual Console Is Now Live!!!

Wii U Virtual Console

If you want to play the classic games Donkey Kong or Super Mario World, now you can play them on Wii U. The company sent a tweet out this week saying Virtual Console is now live.

Programmer Creates System That Beats NES Games

Super Mario Bros.

Programmer, Tom Murphy, figured out a way to beat NES games without you actually playing the game. In the video he explains and shows a demo of the software that he wrote check out the video after the jump.

Nintendo Is Shutting Down Some Wii Channels!!!

Nintendo Wii

Nintendo has announced that On June 28th, it will be shutting down some Wii channels. The channels getting the axe are Forecast, News, Everybody Votes, Check Mii Out, Digicam Print and Nintendo Channel. Also, the feature Wii Connect24 will no longer be available in the US and in Japan and will no longer work with Mario Kart Wii.

Nintendo Is Giving Away WHAT!?!?

Nintendo wii u

Nintendo Wii U has some pretty cool games but some developers of bigger titles have decided to got with other consoles like Sony’s PlayStation and Microsoft’s Xbox. Nintendo might start offering free Wii U Dev kits to developers to help encourage these developers to make more games for the console.

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