(Video) No Snitching Here! Martin Shkreli Goes To Court; Pleads The 5th To Every Question

The Pharmaceutical industry’s bad boy, Martin Shkreli, finally saw his day in court appearing in front of Congress to answer part of a subpoena for raising the price of AIDS drug Daraprim by 5,000%. This video makes me cringe at his piousness and how a man is comfortable in his own skin during this time in his life is beyond me. Hit the jump to see Martin’s devilish grins as Congress questions him.

No Malice Says He And Pusha T Can Make “Clown Soup” Of Today’s Rappers

No Malice of The Clipse gives his take on today’s rap game, while talking about their album “Til The Casket Drops”, and the anxious return of him and his brother Pusha T as a musical collective. Hit the jump.

(Videos) Lil Wayne Officially Dropping ‘No Ceilings 2’

Lil’ Wayne is officially dropping a sequel to his legendary mixtape ‘No Ceilings’ with it’s second installment. DJ E-Feezy, a close producer of Wayne’s gives us exclusive footage below of some of the upcoming tracks! Check them after the jump.

(Video) Almond Milk Company Being Sued For Containing Almost No Almonds

The claim of false advertisement is being made against a very popular almond milk brand. Read more as we further expound.

(Photos) #EbolaBack? Doctor Who Was “Cured” Still Has The Virus

Let the scare tactics continue. Seems like the Ebola Epidemic took a backseat for a while but it may be back to the forefront after new developments arise in the United States. Click more to read the full story.

(Video) NFL: Marshawn Lynch Switches Up His Answers For The Media This Week

Am I the only one who is starting to feel Marshawn Lynch is corny for how he conducts himself with the media? I can understand not wanting to be bothered with some of the idiots in the media who want to talk about gossip or try to dig for problems within the team and etc, but if reporters just want to talk to you about how you played, then why not answer? Last week after Marshawn was fined $100,000 for not talking to the media, he proceeded to finally talk but literally only say the word “yeah” to whatever was asked. Well this week he is back at it, but in a worse mood, despite his Seahawks handling the 49ers on Thanksgiving with no problem.

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