DAMN! Tyga Owes Thousands Of Dollars For WHAT?!

It looks like Tyga is becoming quite the nuisance in his neighborhood. The rapper has been hit with countless fines for violating the rules and regulations in the Oak development of his Calabassas neighborhood. Apparently he has been throwing these out-of-control bangers all of the time and his neighbors are PISSED! Thus far, Tyga apparently has $10K racked up in unpaid fines. However, the thing is that since Tyga is renting his mansion, it falls on the landlord to make sure these fines get paid. OF course, he’s trying to get the famous rapper to come out of pocket for the fines but Tyga has only paid a little here and there since last August. Maybe he should ask his 17-year-old bae Kylie Jenner for a hand. I’m sure she’ll help her man out.

Naughty, Naughty: Robin Thicke Gets In Trouble By The Police For Doing WHAT?!

Robin Thicke may be getting over Paula Patton, but it’s clearly not easy for the singer. The “Blurred Lines” singer got a ticket over Labor Day Weekend for BLASTING his music at his Hollywood Hills home on Monday night/Tuesday morning. The police gave him a warning to lower the volume and he completely disregarded them as soon as they walked away. They came back immediately and ticketed him for the loud music. He also appeared to be drunk which was totally fine since he was in his house. According to inside sources, this is actually the second time this WEEK that the cops were called to Thicke’s home for noise complaints. Looks like he’s trying to live that “turn down for whatttttttt” lifestyle since Paula is completely out of the picture. Do you, boo boo!

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