(Photos) Brands Go IN On Apple Over #Bendgate

Damn, I can’t lie, this is nervous for Apple, putting an iPhone 6, I believe it’s more the Plus than the 6) in you pocket and it bends…damn that’s NOT good! Well Brands wasted no time to capitalize off of Apple’s misfortune, and some of them are funny AF!

(Video) Nokia Lumia 925 Camera Better Than The iPhone 5S?!

Although I am a fan boy of Apple and Samsung, Nokia has a definite advantage over both of them. Nokia has a Real camera inside not just a tricked out phone camera.

WOW!!! Microsoft Just Bought Nokia For HOW MUCH?!?!?

This morning, Microsoft finalized a deal to acquire Nokia for around $7.2 Billion. According to reports in the deal, Nokia will be used more so for hardware.

Nokia Introduces A 41 Megapixel Sensor Smartphone!!!

So all the rumors leading up to Nokia‘s big announcement panned out to be true. The company in fact created a smartphone with a 41 Megapixel camera.

WOW!!! Nokia Spent THIS MUCH To Buy Out A Joint Venture?!?!

Nokia announced that its company will be fully acquiring Siemens’ 50% ownership of Nokia. The acquisition cost EUR 1.7 billion which is around $2.2 Billion US.

Is Nokia Releasing A 41MP Cameraphone?!?!

This week, Nokia posted on its blog a teaser photo which hints to some information on what they are revealing soon. In the image the company posted it says “41 Million reasons” in which they will unveil on July 11th.

Nokia Adds LiveSight To WHAT???

Nokia has added a new features to its HERE Maps App. The new feature is called LiveSight that allows user to see what’s are around them by simply holding their phone in front of them and viewing the Here Maps App.

Nokia Annouces New Product For Its Lumia Smartphones

Nokia announced that it will come out with a portable chargers that complements smartphones in the Lumia line. The chargers, DC-18 will come in a few colors and have a retractable microUSB.

Nokia CEO Said The Company Would Focus On WHAT???

Nokia wants compete more with its rival, Samsung. To do so, the Chief Executive Stephen Elop said the company would focus on using Microsoft’s Windows Phone software.

New Nokia Super Low Light Camera Windows Phone Leaks!!!

The very highly anticipated Lumia 928 for Verizon has just been ousted via a billboard. It professes that the phone has the best low light camera any smartphone, although no one has seen it yet. But to be fair, the Lumia 920 on AT&T takes low light pictures than anything else on the market right now. Peep more details in the link below.

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