(Photo) Nat Turner In a Noosed American Flag, The New Poster For “Birth Of a Nation”

The new poster for “Birth of a Nation” just might cause hella controversy. Actor Nate Parker, who plays Nat Turner in the movie, is showed being hung by an American flag. White people aint gonna like this lol Check out the pic after jump.

Students Outraged After Finding A Noose On Their Campus

Officials are investigating DePaul University after finding what appears to be a noose on their campus. Students and faulty are outraged, and will not stand for the disrespect.

Duke: Student Not Expelled Or Charged For Hanging Noose

A student who left a noose hanging from a tree on the Duke University Campus has received punishment but will be permitted to return to campus next semester. The University has announced that the student will not face criminal charges.

(Video) Federal Charges Against Ole Miss Student For Noose Put On Black Statue

More news in the “the more things change, the more they stay the same” category: The Justice Department is bringing down Federal Charges Against Ole Miss Student For Noose Put On Black Statue–which they conclude was done to intimidate African American students and faculty. The James Meredith statue was found with a noose around its neck and a Confederate flag on its back…

(Photos) SMH! NJ Wrestling Team Under Investigation After Racist Photo Of Black Dummy Hanging Goes Viral

The Phillipsburg High School wrestling team is under fire after a photo surfaced of the boys (all white) posing with a “black dummy” hanging from a noose. Some of the member’s of the team in the photo also have their hoods up over their head, attempting to look like the Ku Klux Klan. The dummy seems to be wearing a shirt from Paulsboro High School, which coincidently happened to be their competitor school. Coach Dave Post refused to offer any info on the situation, although he did assure us that “an investigation was undertaken and upon conclusion of the investigation, actions were taken by the district consistent with its policies.” Take a look at the disturbing image in the gallery.

Dead Wrong!!! Check Out What This Student Gives To His Peer

Check out what this High schooler got suspended for, right after the jump. AliTheGreatest

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