(Photo) Yikes! Bobbi Kristina & Her Man Get Evicted From Apartment; Bobbi Leaves A NASTY Note!

The late Whitney Houston’s daughter Bobbi Kristina has been evicted from her Georgia apartment (where she lived with bf Nick Gordon)…and she left some parting words that the neighbors will long remember. In a note posted to neighbor Joshua Morse’s door, BK said some really nasty things…and Josh isn’t taking it lightly. Apparently Bobbi didn’t like him because he’d filed at least 10 noise complaints against her, but she’s going to have yet another reason to dislike him. He’s officially filed an incident report over the letter, wanting to document it “due to the ongoing issues he has been having with the couple.” Luckily, Bobbi won’t be getting any charges for it, since there was no criminal act involved. You can check out the report here, though.

OG Galaxy Note Getting Jelly Bean Update

It looks like the og Galaxy Note will be getting the Jelly Bean treatment with the new Premium Suite. Samsung confirmed the update yesterday which will keep the Note update with the GS III and Note 2. Along with the update the Note will get the multi window option which will allow users to multi task, pop-up video/browser/note apps, photo note/photo frame, easy clip, paper artist, and new S Planner and email apps. No word on when the upgrade will hit the og Note but stayed in tuned with #IFWT for updates. Yungjohnnybravo x TatWZA

Murdered Pregnant Woman Found With Note To Free D.C. Sniper

The fiancee of A pregnant woman who was fatally stabbed the day before her wedding is being questioned by detectives from Brooklyn regarding  a note left at the crime scene referencing the notorious D.C Sniped killing spree.  Click “more” below for the full story. DJ Matthew Tyler

(Photos)Tech Talk Event: Samsung Shows Off Galaxy Note II In NYC, Kanye West Performs Dope Show!!

Last Night Samsung went all out in NYC, Introducing the Galaxy Note II at a Very Live Event!! Very energetic, with massive amounts of units for all your hands on needs, Open bars, Music, and an Great Lengthy Performance by one of the Hottest Dudes in Hip Hop right Now, Kanye West!!! I have to say, Samsung put on one Hell of an event!!!! Hit the Jump for a few More details, then hit those little red arrows to cruise through the gallery of How the Event went Down!! Wza

Beyonce Shows Some Virgo Love To Jennifer Hudson

Beyonce’s new thing has been jotting quick notes to people via her website. She’s written to Michelle Obama, Rita Ora, Frank Ocean and a handful more, and now she spreads her love to her fellow Virgo, Jennifer Hudson. The Dream Girl celebrated her birthday yesterday, a little over a week since Beyonce did. I’m sure Jen appreciates the love from the Queen Bey. Marisa Mendez

(Photo) Widow Finds Husband’s Chilling 9/11 Note Years Later, She Says “It Changes Everything”

A woman whose husband died in the twin towers has learned years later that her husband wrote a chilling note the day of the attacks. Click below to see a photo of the note and for the story. Melissa Nash

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