(Fellas Check The Pics! 18+) Miley Cyrus Releases Her Own Nudes!

Miley Cyrus is #FreeingTheNipple in V Magazine, and just released the risque shots from on Instagram – though they’ll likely be deleted soon with IG’s nudity policy. The pics were taken backstage at her recent Bangerz tour, which was equally as crazy as the pics. Oh, and she also refers to herself as a “dirty hippy,” so there’s that. Check out Miley Cyrus naked and crazy in the gallery!

(Fellas Check The Pics) #FreakyFriday: That Celebrity Nude Edition You Love!

To celebrate the fact that the weekend is almost here, check out five celebrity nude pictures that leaked for your viewing pleasure. Yes people, celebrities take nudes just like the normal folk, too! LOL!

(Fellas Check The Pics) #Freaky Friday: That Nude Celebrity Edition You LOVE!

To start off 2015 with a bang (no pun intended), check out five leaked nudes from some of your favorite celebrities over in the gallery!

(Fellas Check The 18+ Pics) Freaky Friday: The Celebrity Leaked Nudes Edition!

Since it is Friday, it is only right we share our weekly celebrity leaked nudes edition with you all to kick off your weekend right. Head over to the gallery and check out some leaked celebrity nudes you might have missed!

(Fellas Check The 18+ Pics!) Kourtney Kardashian Poses Naked While Pregnant!

Well she’s not really breaking the internet like her younger sister Kim, but Kourtney Kardashian naked while pregnant is still definitely a sight for sore eyes! The oldest of the Kardashian krew is 9 months pregnant with her third child, who she recently announced will be a SISTER to Mason and Penelope. As for what made her decide to go all the way? “I had done a nude shoot when I was pregnant with Mason, really last minute just for myself, and I love it,” Kourt says. “The photo is hanging in the entry of my mom’s house. It actually used to be in her bedroom next to her bed but Bruce would always make a comment about having it in his room. But it was really beautiful. This time, we were shooting for our show, and everyone on our camera crew was like, ‘You are so comfortable just walking around naked and pregnant!’ And Scott, who stopped by with Kim said the same thing to me, like ‘How are you fine just standing there like naked with all these people around?!’ She also goes on to say that she would probably not pose nude if she wasn’t pregnant, and hopes that this is looked at as artistic. Check the pics in the gallery and read the full interview here. What do you think about Kourtney Kardashian naked?!

Kim Kardashian And Kanye West Plans Nude Photo Shoot Together To Break The Internet!!

Kim Kardashian already broke the internet with her nude photo shoot for Paper magazine and now Kanye West plans to top that. Read more after the jump…

(Photos) Ummm: Wiz Khalifa Showers In Champagne… Literally!

Wiz Khalifa Showers In Champagne, he has been doing some outlandish things ever since his harsh public divorce from baby mama Amber Rose. Well nah, who are we kidding. He’s been doing weird things WAY before that. The purple-haired rapper recently posted a flick of himself onto his Instagram account bathing in the nude. However, the Taylor Gang OG’s money is so long that he doesn’t shower in water– he showers in CHAMPAGNE! I mean, I completely get the point of the picture but damn, Wiz. All that money and you’re still so skinny! Check out the Pittsburg native’s extremely strange [and revealing] new flick in the gallery.

(Fellas Check The 18+ Pics) #FreakyFriday Edition: Remembering The Day Rihanna’s Nudes Hit The Internet!

For this edition of Freaky Friday, let’s take a look back at the few times Rihanna’s alleged nude photos hit the ‘net and sent the on-line world into a frenzy!

(Check The Pics) LMFAO: Chelsea Handler Makes Her Own Rendition Of Kim K’s Nude ‘Paper Magazine’ Shoot

TV personality Chelsea Handler is taking her comedic ways to a whole different level. After seeing Kim Kardashian’s ass-naked photoshoot for Paper Magazine, she took it upon herself to create her own rendition of the lusty shoot. Handler posted a pic to the ‘Gram with her a*s COMPLETELY out with Kim’s original picture right next to hers, captioning the photo, Can you believe more than 2 ass can fit on the same screen? Guess which one’s real. Your move, instagram.” SHE IS CRAZY! Check out the hilariousness in the gallery for a few good laughs.

(Fellas Check The Pics) #FreakyFriday: 5 Celebrity Leaked Nudes You Need To See!

To celebrate the beginning of the weekend, check out five celebrity leaked nudes you might have missed!

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