(Photo) Sports: Meek Mill Gets Roasted By Wrestling Legend Scott Hall For Disrespecting The Undertaker

Everybody has an opinion about the Meek/Drake beef and I mean EVERYBODY. At this point you all know the backstory so I don’t need to recap but when Meek came back with “Wanna Know” he sampled the music of WWE legend, The Undertaker. The beat was so mean but the song overall didn’t live up to the hype. Apparently another former legend in the ring, Scott Hall, was not happy Meek decided to use the Taker’s theme song and then not come strong with it.

(Photos) Sports: Former WWE Star Kevin Nash Arrested After Bloody Fight With Son

This story is all over the place and involves alot of family drama. Former wrestling star Kevin Nash was arrested along with his son after a bitter fight between the two of them left them bloody.

(Video) Is The Apocalypse Near?! It Could All Be Going DOWN In October!!

There is so much craziness going on in the world today. Mass shootings, war abroad, terrorism, threats of nuclear war, a pending collapse of the economy and the list goes on. If you are an aware citizen, you know Americans are loosing more rights but being monitored closely than ever. All this is completely legal, thanks to all the laws Congress is passing in the name of terrorism. Is America heading towards a dark future? Recently a documentary hit the internet, exposing and explaining the government’s agenda. Do you believe it or could it be a hoax? To see the video, click below.

(Video) Immortal Technique Talks Illuminati, Gun Control, Immigration, And More!

Immortal Technique aka Felipe Coronel is not only a talented rapper but also an intelligent person. He sat down with Alex Jones of Info Wars and discussed really important subjects that are being overlooked. These topics were the Illuminati, the New World Order, Gun Control, Immigration, and more. This video is extensive but filled with food for thought. Definitely check it out to see his perspective!

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