(Video) Oh Hell Nah!: Racist Trump Supporter Argues With Black Woman On A NYC Subway

Some of Donald Trump supporters have lost their marbles. It seems as if they are popping off on those who don’t support the presidential candidate. One Trump supporter went off on a woman on a NYC subway. She remained extremely calm in the situation and went back and forth with the man but if I was her in that same situation there would be a lot less arguing. Check out the video after the jump!

NYC Does WHAT And U.O.E.N.O !!!

This morning the NYPD infested 200 NYC subway stations with an invisible odorless gas for a test to see how air flows within the subway system. This was put into place to help emergency responders in the event that a real airborne toxic event were to occur. Hit the jump for the full story..

Full Details On The MTA Fare Hike

The MTA fare hikes for 2013 will be in effect starting Sunday March 2. The last MTA hike took place in 2011 and another one will be taking place in 2015. It is reported that this year’s hike will increase the MTA profit by $450 million per year. The hikes aren’t too drastic, but will add up after a while. The cost of monthly and weekly unlimited MetroCards, Pay-per-ride, Base fare for subways and buses, the cost of a new MetroCard, the LIRR, and the bridges and tunnels will all be affected by the fare hike. Find out exact details below.

Tech Talk News: NYC Subway Cell Phone Service

Getting sick and tired of your cell service cutting out on the Subway? Say no more. Transit Wireless is the company responsible for getting you signal way down underground. After Hurricane Sandy, the importance of communication in a crisis is crucial. At&t & T-Mobile have already announced they’re on board. Tat Wza

NYC Commuters Watch Out! Woman Scratched By Rat On The Subway!

Anyone who takes the subways in NYC needs to be careful because apparently there are rodents on the loose inside the subway trains! A woman got bit by a rat today- Click below to read more. Melissa Nash

Caught On Tape: Man Wakes Up With Drunken Amnesia And Abuses Girlfriend On NYC Subway

The most random things happen on NYC subways. Check out this video of a drunk couple on the E train. The female is trying to wake her boyfriend up, and all of a sudden he wakes up out of his coma and train rage begins. “Where AM I!? You on the E train!? SMACK!!!! LMAOO. Click below to see the video. Funk Flex Find Flex On Google+

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