(Video) WOW: Man Goes Off On NYPD!

With all of the tension and turmoil between citizens and police officers, people aren’t in the best of moods when the cops come around. Peep this hilarious video of a man going off on the NYPD.

(Audio) Audio Leaks Of Superiors Pressuring A Cop To Racially Profile Blacks And Latinos

An NYPD officer by the name of Michael Birch, claims he was punished for not racially profiling black and latino people. Birch says his punishments included not being allowed overtime hours and had his professional activities scrutinized. There is now an audio clip out in which we can hear Birch being arrested for not arresting more blacks and latinos.

(Video) NYPD Saves Suicidal Man From Jumping Off Of a Bridge

Scary moment, but the NYPD handled it very well. Hit the jump and check out the nerve-racking video.

(Video) NYPD Cops Speak The Truth About Police Policies

The NYPD is coming forward and speaking the truth about what really goes down when you’re in a blue uniform. Several officers came forward and enlightened us about the police force.

Engineer Is Now Going After The NYPD, LAPD, And More Over Jay-Z Records!

Chauncey Mahan is the engineer who once sued Jay-Z over the mastered versions of Life and Times of S. Carter” and “The Dynasty” albums. Although he did not win those suits, he is now suing NYPD, LAPD and a slew of lawyers for the seizing the records.

NBA: NYPD Responds to Thabo Sefolosha’s $50 Million Lawsuit Saying Force Used Was Justified

Atlanta Hawks star Thabo Sefolosha is suing the City of NY and the five officers who subdued and arrested him back in April 2015.  Sefolosha says the officers used unnecessary force and he suffered a broken leg and ligament damage; he is suing for $50 million.  The NYPD officers involved say they were completely justified in their action.

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