NFL: Longtime Friend Of O.J. Simpson Believes He Will Confess To Murder Within The Next Year

The ESPN documentary “O.J. Made In America” is set to premiere next week on the cable network as well as ABC and the anticipation is pretty crazy for it. After the FX series “The People V O.J. Simpson” wowed audiences over the course of ten weeks recently, interest in the case is back as high as it was during the trial itself. One of the people featured in the doc is Simpson’s long time friend and former police officer, Ron Shipp, and while he was at the Los Angeles premiere of the doc, he spoke with the New York Daily News and revealed he believes if O.J. is released from prison in Nevada by next year that a confession to the murders of Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman will be coming.

(Video) Sports: ESPN Releases Trailer For “O.J., Made In America” Documentary & It Looks Epic!

It kind of feels like 1994 all over again with all the recent attention the O.J. Simpson trial is getting thanks to the FX series, “The People v. O.J. Simpson”. While that show just ended, anyone who wants more is about to get it in an even better way. ESPN released the trailer for their upcoming 30 for 30 documentary, “O.J. Made In America” and it already has the feel that it is going to be just as addicting as the FX series was.

NFL: Report, Knife Found On O.J. Simpson’s Property Produced No Positive DNA Matches

According to reports, the knife that caused an uproar after being revealed it was found on the former property of O.J. Simpson has turned out to not be so worth while in the end. TMZ is reporting that the LAPD conducted an investigation on the knife and it produced no DNA matches in the system.

(Video) NFL: Never Seen Before Footage Shows OJ Simpson Rapping Along To Song About Murder Of Nicole Brown Simpson

This may be one of the worst rap songs you will ever hear but the only reason it is being talked about today is because of O.J. Simpson. The song, which was made in 1994, has lyrics dedicated to the O.J. case and the murder charges he was facing. The video is both interesting and strange and is part of a larger documentary that is being produced by O.J.’s former manager.

Sports: Bloody Knife Found Buried At O.J. Simpson’s Property, Police Conducting Secret Investigation

A bloody knife was found buried by a construction worker on the estate of O.J. Simpson’s back in 1998 and a police officer who was more concerned with possible notoriety or money didn’t tell anyone about it for almost twenty years! Now that he finally was forced to come clean, police are conducting a super secret investigation into the knife itself.

NFL: O.J. Simpson Doesn’t Like How FX Series Portrays Him, Also Says Cuba Gooding Jr’s Head Is Too Small

O.J. Simpson, who is known as “bobble head” in his Nevada state prison, thinks Cuba Gooding Jr’s head is too small to accurately play the role in the FX series “The People Vs O.J. Simpson”. He also seems to be upset with how he is being portrayed on the show, which is according to a former correction officer at the prison.

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