(Photo) Forever 21 Blasted By Costumers For This Offensive T-Shirt

Forever 21 is under fire after releasing a t-shirt design that offended several consumers. According to recent reports, Forever 21 released a graphic t-shirt with the slogan, Don’t Say Maybe If You Want To Say No.” More below.

(Video) “Dear Black People” Video Causing A Ton Of Controversy, What Do you Think?

Youtube comedian, Nicole Arbour, created a video titled “Dear Black People” where she confronts many of the the claims black people have made about stereotypes and she gives a response to each claim. Now initially it seems funny, but eventually any black person would get offended by the insensitivity displayed in the video. The video discusses cultural appropriation, and basically makes blackness seem like an outfit you can wear and change as you please.

The U.S. Has Launched An Offensive Plan On ISIS

A day after President Obama announced he will send 50 troops to Syria, the United States has now launched an offensive plan to secure our position in backing the Syrian rebels. Full story below.

(Photos) NFL: WOW, Ray Rice Costume For Halloween, Funny Or Nah?!

NO HE DIDN’T, would you wear it or nah? This Ray Rice costume might not be the number one choice for many this Halloween. Well, I’ll let you guys be the judges! Hit the jump for photos of the Rice costume that some might find rather offensive, even disturbing!

(Photo) Pharrell Under Fire After Switching His Hat For A Headdress On ‘ELLE’ Magazine Cover

It seems like Pharrell has been receiving criticism after trading in his notorious hat for a feather headdress in the July issue of ‘ELLE’s UK magazine.

(Photos) 10 Year Old Gets Punished For Doing WHAT At School Event?!

Dorsthill Community Primary School, which is located in the English town of Tamworth, was holding their annual school history event and encouraged students to dress like those who participated in World War II. The staff was surprised by 10 year old William Ghassemi, who showed up in an Adolf Hitler costume, forcing him to wash off his Hitler mustache and remove his swastika armband. William’s mother, Davina, was angered by the treatment of her son and said the staff’s reaction was over the top. Do you agree? Or do you think the child’s costume was inappropriate? To read more, click below.

(PHOTO) NBA: Jimmy Butler Apologizes For Wearing This Offensive Shirt; Check His Reason For Rocking It!

I can’t say I’d ever rock this shirt, but as someone who insists on matching their shoes perfectly with their outfit – I can understand why he rocked it (even though it may not be the truth). Bulls baller Jimmy Butler was spotted rocking a shirt that has some rap lyrics on it — that some would find offensive.  No one really knows when he actually took the picture in this shirt, but he says it was last year (some reports say it was last month).  Regardless, the photo has been circulating recently and ruffled some feathers, so he has issued an apology. Check out the pic & what he had to say…

(PIC) SMH! The Tomb Of Michael Clarke Duncan Vandalized By What ?!?!

Well this is disturbing, A friend close to the family of late actor, Michael Clarke Duncan stopped by his grave in Hollywood Hills to leave flowers for her deceased friend when she noticed something very odd about his tomb. There was a cartoon-looking black face figure attached to the middle of Duncan’s tomb. The friend says she believes the cartoonish character is supposed to be “Sambo,” a children’s book character from the late 1800′s, early 1900′s. Sambo” later became known as a racial slur and an offensive depiction of Black people….SMH more after the jump

(Video) C’ Mon Son!!! Kentucky Man Displays Offensive Obama Statue

A Kentucky Man talks about his offensive Obama statue. He stuffed a suit, put a mask on it, and even put a plastic water melon in it’s hands smh! Hit the Jump to see the video. AliTheGreatest

ESPN Deletes Skip Bayless Tweet Against White American Players

Skip Bayless is known for his over the top “analysis” but I guess ESPN finally felt he went too far.  They deleted a tweet that insulted American born white basketball players.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie x Sabrina B.

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