NFL: Ray Rice Gets His First Football Related Offer Since Hitting Wife, $1 Million To Do What?

Ray Rice possibly is slowing stepping into a new stage of his life, both on and off the field. He has been doing alot to shed the horrible image of himself he created by punching his then fiance and now wife in that casino in Atlantic City. He has actually been a model citizen as of late and more proof people may be starting to forgive him is he got his first football related offer this week, but it’s not what you think.

(Video) NBA: Accept or Reject?! Melo Reacts To Strip Clubs Offer of Free Lap Dances For Life!

Before Carmelo Anthony announced he was staying with the Knicks, a local NYC strip club made him an offer to try to entice him to stay. They offered a “Melo Love” package that included free lap dances for life and more.  As we all know, Melo stayed — so will he take them up on their offer?!  Yea, we know La La is watching. Lol. Check out what he had to say in response…

(18+PIC) Sports: Porn Star Who Celebrated World Cup Win With 12-Hour Sex Marathon With Strangers — Ups Her Offer!

Still taking one for the team!  After she went on a 12 hour sex marathon with strangers to celebrate her team winning a match at the World Cup, Porn Star Marlen Doll is now promising a 16 hour sex marathon if Chile Beat Spain! Hit the jump for details & to see the 18+ pic she posted…

NFL: Orlando Scandrick Makes Offer To Draya To Leave Basketball Wives! Will She Take It?!

Hmmmmm…isn’t this interesting?!  Draya and her boo Dallas Cowboys CB Orlando Scandrick are still going strong!  The new season of Basketball Wives has begun and it looks like Orlando is already sick of it.  He’s made her an offer to NOT do the show anymore.  I don’t see her taking him up on this offer (not even factoring in her 5 year contract), but you never know.  Check it out & let us know what you think…

NFL: Nnamdi Asomugha Offers Money For Jersey Number 24, But Gets Shut Down!

Nope!  You won’t be seeing Nnamdi Asomugha rocking jersey #24 this season.  He made an offer to get his number from Anthony Dixon who already has rights to the number, but got rejected! It may seem like a lot of money to the average person, but maybe not for a football player?! Check out how much he offered for it & let us know if you think it was enough?!

Kanye West & Kim K. Turns Down HOW MUCH For Baby North West’s Photos?!

These two barely want to show their own faces – well Kim does – so what makes the media think that any amount of money will suffice for the exclusive photos of baby North West. An Australian magazine put an offer on the table for North’s baby pics, but this already wealthy couple shot them down. Hit the jump to see how much money is in the air. They have set the bar.

NFL: Buy An Aaron Hernandez Jersey That You No Longer Want?! Patriots Make Offer To Fans

The Patriots are helping out fans that may have purchased an Aaron Hernandez jersey before he was accused of first degree murder.  They are letting fans exchange the jersey (although some jerseys are selling for more money since they are now hard to get – 2nd report after the jump).  It is a limited time offer.  Check out the details…

NFL: Check Out What Eli Manning Is Willing To Do To Keep Victor Cruz

What a guy that Eli!  Eli Manning REALLY wants Victor Cruz to stay on the Giants (me too Eli, me too) & says that he is willing to help if needed. Check out what he offered…

(Fellas, Check The Pics!) NFL: Rob Gronkowski Offered $3.75 Million To Do WHAT?!

This really doesn’t surprise me one bit — even if he does take the offer.  It’s the Gronk what else would expect?! Lol. Check out what he was offered and stay tuned!

Damn Lindsay, You Could Have Finally Gotten Some Money! SMH!

Lindsay Lohan and her financial struggles are no secret these days. She’s hardly been working in between all the legal trouble she finds herself in, on top of the fact she owes Uncle Sam a good amount. So a deal came across her table recently that likely could have really gotten her in a better place…yet she turned it down! Sources close to Lindsay report that Dancing With The Stars made several offers to get Linds on the cast…putting up to $550,000 on the table and still nothing! Apparently Lindsay told her friends she’d “never consider” doing reality TV and would rather just stick to movies. Not sure if she’s gotten the memo, but those aren’t going too well for her either! Oh, Lindsay! Biz Baby

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