#MusicStillMatters New Music: OG Maco Ft. Offset – Ticket

OG Maco pulls through with his new Offset-assisted track “Ticket”. Have a listen after the jump!

OG Maco Is Not Here For Logic’s New Album Title

Yesterday, Logic announced the title of his forthcoming album will be AfricAryaN, the hybrid of the words Africa and Aryan, which the half black, half white rapper explained as:

“Scientifically proven, the first man and woman [are] from Africa, and over time, culturally evolving into a lighter and lighter and much more fairer skin. So the album is going to be called AfricAryaN. And it’s about me being black and white and seeing life from two sides.”

#MusicStillMatters New Music: OG Maco ft. Theo Ferragamo – Prayer Line

Listen to this one from OG Maco called “Prayer Line” featuring Theo Ferragmo. Listen below.

(Photos) OG Maco Confirms Losing An Eye In Car Crash

Last week, OG Maco got into a serious car accident, which resulted in some major injuries. At the time of the event, the “U Guessed It” rapper tweeted that he’d suffered multiple skull fractures, broken orbital, a cracked vertebrae and heart palpitations, and went on to share a few photos wearing an eye patch. For whatever reason, some were doubting that the damage was really that bad, so yesterday, Maco confirmed that he did indeed lose an eye.

(Photo) OG Maco Suffers From Multiple Skull Fractures & More After Near Death Accident

Over the weekend Atlanta rapper, OG Maco suffered a great deal of misfortune after getting into a pretty grisly car accident and sustaining some pretty major injuries as a result of it. The rapper took to Twitter last Friday, and captioned a photo of himself bruised and battered laying on a stretcher, “#PrayForMaco.”

OG Maco Responds To HIV Rumors

Earlier today, a “Blind Item” was posted about an Atlanta rapper, claiming that he was currently dying from HIV, and had infected two of his partners. As the day went on, audio of this alleged rapper was released, talking to a woman named LaLa about how he’s on his way out. Sounding quite sick and coughing throughout the phone call, the unnamed rapper pleads with LaLa to stay by his side, while she snickers and tells him that he needs to get treated in a hospital. The rapper in question tells her that in getting treated, they’ll end up taking him to jail, where he says he will not receive the proper care and die anyway. Throughout the call, LaLa refers to the man as “Ben,” and apparently, that is another name that Atlanta rapper OG Maco has been known to go by. The fact that it sounds like him didn’t hurt. As the rumors started speculating, the woman that leaked the audio (a friend of LaLa’s) was unearthed. She has began responding, saying that a beef with Maco’s current girlfriend is what led to her leaking the audio, as she alleges that Maco’s girl was talking badly about her kids. This is insane! Maco has since responded denying the rumors. He even had “LaLa” make a voice note saying he doesn’t have HIV. I’m not sure that proves much of anything, though. His girlfriend has also spoken out, posting (then deleting) a negative HIV test from November of this year. Check out all the…

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