(Video) California Declared State Of Emergency After Oil Spill

The governor of California declared a state of emergency two days after a ruptured pipeline leaked an estimated 21,000 gallons of oil off the California shore. The leak was first reported in southern California on Tuesday afternoon. The Plains All American Pipeline which built the busted pipeline in 1991, said “Plains deeply regrets this release has occurred and is making every effort to limit its environmental impact.” However this spill is having a great effect not only on the beach goers for the up coming Memorial Day weekend but on the wildlife as well.

(Video) Train Derailment Causes Massive Explosion and Oil Spill in VA

Train Derailment Causes Massive Explosion and Oil Spill in VA as crude oil leaked all over Fayette County, West Virginia around 1:30PM.

Kicks: Cop Or Drop? Adidas Originals Stan Smith “Oil Spill”

Since the re-introduction of the adidas Stan Smith, we have seen it dropped in classic color ways, some new options, and even a ladies version. Now let me show you guys the Stan Smith “Oil Spill”, a black patent iridescent version with an off-white midsole. This isn’t the only shoe getting the treatment, the Enforcer basketball hightop and original Tech Super runner are also being released in the “Oil Spill” attire. All 3 hit select shops this weekend, will you be copping? Hit the jump to see detailed photos of the Stan Smith and the rest of the pack…

(Video) West Virginia Chemical Spill Threatens Health Of Residents!

A chemical spill in West Virginia has left 300,000 residents without clean water. Authorities advised people not to drink tap water or take a bath and have declared a state of emergency. More than 700 people have called poison control centers after accidentally drinking the contaminated water. To see news coverage of this story, click below.

(Photos) SO Sad! Oil Spill In Thailand Turns White Beaches Black

This is exactly why we can’t allow oil companies to hijack land and pull crude oil from it. In what continues to be a horror story, an oil company spilled thousands of gallons of crude oil off the coast of Thailand’s beautiful pristine beaches. While the company, which is a subsidiary of the Thai government, has apologized, hundreds of Thai volunteers have mobilized to try to clean up the mess. While the government estimated it would only take three days to clean the oil up, the wind has made it harder to contain. All tourists have been evacuated from the affected areas, and for a country like Thailand whose people subsist on tourism, this is bad news. Do yourself a favor and take a look at these pictures. This is exactly what happened on the Gulf Coast, and with the Keystone Pipeline in the works, this could easily happen again to us. Find the pictures in the gallery.

Guess What You’ll Be Seeing Overhead Soon!!

Drones have been making the news a lot lately due to their use in the War on Terror and, more recently, stateside by police forces. In the latest batch of drone news, last Friday, the Federal Aviation Association (FAA) cleared two unmanned aerial vehicles, known popularly as drones, for commercial use. This will allow businesses to fully operate drones in American airspace. Click through the jump to find out who will be the first to use these drones.

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