#SAD – 9th Grader Commits Suicide Inside Of The Bathroom At School !!!

Yet another upsetting story. A 9th grader in Tulsa, OK took a gun and committed suicide. Coweta Superintendent of Schools confirms that the Intermediate School is on lockdown. The school official who initially called police said that no one was hurt, but soon called back and changed that story. The child’s name has yet to be released, but prayers go out to the child and family. We have to be more accessible to the children in difficult situations, so that this doesn’t happen. Drop down bottom for more.

Tech Talk Law: Supreme Court Ok’s Violent Video Games!!!

A Win for Kids every where, and a loss for Parents against these games, the Supreme Court Justices handed down a Judgement of 7 to 2 For the Sale Of Violent Video Games!!! Meaning No State can stop the sale of said games, like they tried to do in Cali, and this is great news for all of Call of Duty & Battlefield Fans everywhere, so to celebrate, watch the Trailers to those 2 coming great games after the Jump!!! Tat WZA

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