(Video) 13-Year-Old Boy Kisses 14-Year-Old Girl On A Dare Now Faces Assault Charges

The idosyncratic behavior of many, at times, will have minds perplexed on the rationale of one’s actions. This could quite possibly suffice a requirement of such a conundrum. Read for further details on this strange story of a 13-year-old receiving an assault charge.

(Photos) An 8-Year Old Entrepreneur An Inspiration For Everyone

An 8-year old entrepreneur from Queens, New York, is working her young hands to the bone to try and become a mega superstar in the business world.

(Photos) Method Man Blasts Instagram Follower For Calling Him Old!

In the latest episode of #ClapbackSeason, an unsuspecting young man gets read to filth when Method Man Blasts Instagram Follower For Calling Him Old! Reminding everyone once again to watch what you post on social and above all: “Wu Tang Clan Ain’t Nuthing Ta F*ck Wit!!!”

A Dr. Suess Inspired Children’s Book Written By Danny Brown On The Way!!!

Busy, busy and more busy. During a chat with Triple J, Australian radio station, Danny Brown divulges all good things to segment host, Kyran Wheatley. While he has been doing some touring, Brown also let’s up know that he’s working on the follow-up to the 2013 album, Old and that he’s really into using his unique sound to do some voice-over work. “I actually just signed with an agent and I’ve been taking a lot of auditions.” With animation under his belt, we hear that he’s been working with comedian twins and ADHD creators, the Lucas Brothers. So, we can expect big things in the realm of cartoons and Danny Brown. The best news – for children – of all is that the Detroit rapper is in the works of writing a children’s book. “It’s something for my daughter,” he tells Wheatley. “I want it to be real Dr. Seuss-y … The Grinch, Green Eggs and Ham, and One Fish, Two Fish—what was going on in that guy’s brain to be able to write those things?” How will DANNY BROWN write a one fish blue fish book is the question. Hit the jump for more.

(Video&Photos) NBA: Kevin Garnett Angry With Fans For Cheering His Dunks?

Not sure why any NBA player would ever get mad at his own fans for cheering when he scores. Kevin Garnett sounds like a grumpy old man today after lashing out at fans for cheering after he threw down an alley oop against the Sacramento Kings. He feels like fans are giving him pity and surprised he can still dunk at his age, which obviously sounds like he is thinking way too much towards the end of his career. Most athletes can not dream of still being able to hang and perform with the best of them at age 38 and that is what KG really should be focused on and happy about. Check the gallery.

Danny Brown Self-Proclaims, “The Best Rapper Ever!”

The story of every rappers life is that they are number one – Danny Brown is no different. The Detroit emcee spoke with, The Huffington Post and declares that credit isn’t given where credit is due when it comes down to his lyrical skills. “I still don’t feel like I have the respect I deserve. I’m the best rapper ever and I need to be respected,” he says. It’s time that he shows what this rap game is all about. Hit the jump for more.

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