(Photo) NBA: Tim Duncan Didn’t Play Last Night Because He’s ‘Old’

Posted by Sabrina B. @gametimegirl Really? Lol. The NBA.com boxscore for last night’s Sixers/Spurs game lists the reason for Tim Duncan’s absence from the contest as him being “old.” Check it out after the jump…

Tech Talk News: Former Apple TV Engineer Says ‘Those New Apple TV Designs Were Tossed Out 5 Years Ago’

An interesting tweet by Michael Margolis, a former Apple TV engineer at Apple Inc., popped up in our Twitter feed this evening, and we thought it was worth passing on. According to Margolis, the new Apple TV UI was not only on the table at Apple years ago, but Steve Jobs alledgedly shot it down because he didn’t like it at time. @Yungjohnnybravo @TatWZA

Auto Talk: Are Some People Too Old To Drive?

We spotted an interesting story from Benjamin Preston over on Jalopnik. It was an editorial piece about relinquishing your independence and realizing you are too old to drive. Preston explained he had been dealing with his Grandmother who struggled to live on her own, yet she was free behind the wheel. Are old drivers a danger on the roads? Get the full story after the jump. Funk Flex Find Flex On Google+

(Photo) Wow, Check Out What Kim Kardashian Used To Look Like!!

Holy plastic face!!! I knew Kim had some work done but when I saw this old pic of her today, I realized that “some” was definitely an understatement. Kim is only 30 years old and she was so cute– she really shouldn’t already look this drastically different. Ohh what Hollywood will do to you. Check out the pic after the jump to see what Kim used to look like! Wendy L.

Tech Talk Twitter: Switch To The New Twitter Before They Switch For You!!!

If you haven’t pay’d attention, twitter has been saying for sometime they have a new layout they will be using, and you’ve been able to switch back and forth, but they recently announced(at the top of your page) that you should go ahead and switch, cause they will do it for you!! So say goodbye to the way your used to using Twitter, and go ahead and Switch to learn the new layout, cause it is a bit different, and you’ll be tight if they do it before your ready! Hit the jump to see a bit of how the new look looks!!! Tat WZA

(Classic Video) Tracey Lee “The Theme (It’s Party Time)”

Everyday at 5pm we will be posting a classic video that meant something in hip hop.. (If you have a favorite classic video let us know) “The Theme (It’s Party Time)” was the lead single released (1997) from Tracey Lee’s debut album, Many Facez. The song was produced by D-Dot and was a mild success, making it to 4 different Billboard charts, including #55 on the Billboard Hot 100. @djmikesessions @funkmasterflex

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