Olympics: U.S. Swimmer James Feigen Has To Pay $10,800 In Fines Before He Can Leave Brazil

The fallout from the Ryan Lochte involved drama continues, although it appears we are getting near the end of all of this nonsense. By now you already know Lochte and three of his other teammates made up the story of being robbed because the actual truth was their moronic, drunken selves decided to destroy a bathroom at a gas station and then get into an altercation with security guards. Lochte made sure to get out of Brazil early in the week but his three other teammates were pulled off planes and forced to stay. The other teammates are finally on their way home today but one of them is light in the pocket for it.

(Video) NBA: Kobe Bryant On Olympics, Lakers, And Retirement

It’s the first time that we hear from Kobe since he left basketball for good (maybe). Check out his thoughts on his old team, Rio, and retirement…

(Video) Olympics: Bahamas First Gold Medal Goes To Shaunae Miller

The Bahamas has won their first Olympic medal in Rio this year, and it was taken in Track & Field by Shaunae Miller in the Women’s 400m.

Olympics: International Olympic Committee To Investigate Why Egyptian Judo Fighter Islam El Shehaby Did Not Shake Opponents Hand

The International Olympic Committee says that they are looking to investigate Egyptian judo fighter Islam El Shehaby to figure out what he refused to shake the hand of Israeli fighter Or Sasson after he defeated Shehaby in a 100kg judo match.

(Photo) Sports: Olympic Officials Close Diving Pool Over Green Color & Fart Odor

The last thing divers coming to Rio to compete in the Olympics ever thought about was the pool they use being closed but that is currently what they are dealing with. Earlier this week the pool turned green with no explanation but divers were assured it was safe so they continued to use it. However, after numerous divers complaining about their eyes stinging, as well as others complaining about a foul odor, they decided to close the pool.

(Video) Olympics: Simone Manuel Becomes First African-American Woman To Win Gold In Swimming

Simone Manuel made history in more ways than one last night in Rio. The young American swimmer wasn’t expected to medal, let alone with the race, becoming the first African-American woman to win any medal in swimming, not just Gold. She also was involved in the super rare tie, as she and Penny Oleksiak of Canada touched the wall at the exact same time, giving both swimmers the Gold.

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