Olympics: Rio Getting Three Times The Condoms Than London

The 2016 Olympics are slated to being August 5 in Rio. The one thing that will be different this year than 4 years ago in London though? The number of condoms distributed to the team and staff have been multiplied by 3!

(Video) NBA: 15 Years Ago Today, Vince Carter Threw Down The Dunk Heard Round The World

One of the best dunks in basketball history happened today, fifteen years ago during the Summer Olympics in Sydney, Australia in 2000. Vince Carter was already a star but his profile rose even higher from this one play, while simultaneously destroying the career of New York Knicks draft pick, Frederic Weis.

Bruce Jenner’s Ex Wife Tells All!!

As an ode to her life with Bruce, Ex wife Linda Thompson opens up to Huffington Post. For the longest she was portrayed as his estranged ex wife and mother to his sons Brandon and Brody. The blog tells every little detail of their life together down to the moment Bruce planned his sex change in the 80’s and wanted to reemerge into his sons lives as, “Aunt Heather!”

NFL: Adrian Peterson Considering Retirement From the NFL & Entering These 2 Fields!

Adrian Peterson lost his appeal and his suspension until at least April 2015 was upheld by arbitrator Harold Henderson on Friday.  He hasn’t exhausted all his options yet but he’s so disappointed in the NFL’s disciplinary process that Adrian Peterson considering retirement from the NFL and entering a whole new sports field.

Sports: Michael Phelps Receives Crazy Bid For DUI !!!

Olympic medalist swimmer Michael Phelps has been suspended for SIX months after his arrest for driving while under the influence in Baltimore last week. USA Swimming has also decided to ’86’ Phelps from the 2015 world championship team. SMH, maybe his suspension and time in rehab will give him some time to cool down & not blow down…JK, it’s all love ! But really, jump on it for more details !

Sports: Olympic Gold Medalist Michael Phelps Heading To Rehab After DUI Arrest

Phelps, who was once considered the fastest swimmer in the world, was arrested last week on DUI charges for the second time. Phelps announced that he will be seeking treatment and heading to rehab. Hit the jump for details.

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