Live Your Life: Frank Ocean Officially Opens Up About Bisexuality Via Open Letter To Fans

Earlier this week, a UK reporter had the chance to preview Frank Ocean’s debut album Channel Orange before it drops later this month, and wrote a post about what she heard. And what she heard, she said, was Frank singing about a “him”. This led to various reports on the web of Frank Ocean “admitting” to bisexuality, but obviously there were skeptics as this couldn’t be confirmed by our own ears. However, in an act of bravery, Frank took it upon himself to post an open letter via his Tumblr page and open up about the love he shared with a man 4 summers ago. Kudos, Frank! You’re no longer swimming from something bigger than you. You’re going to help so many people with your bravery. Read his open letter in full below. Marisa Mendez

Beyonce’s Latest Open Letter: Dear Timmy Kelly

Beyonce has used her website to pen open letters to various people over the past few months that have impacted her life one way or another. From Michelle Obama to her own mother to the late Donna Summer, Bey has shared her kind words through the web. Now she has a congratulatory message for Timmy Kelly, an 18 year old suffering from Cerebral Palsy that she met long ago. Check out her letter below. Marisa Mendez

Billboard Writes An Open Letter To Both Rihanna And Chris Brown About How Their Relationship Affects Others

After news was confirmed that Chris Brown will appear on Rihanna’s “Birthday Cake” remix, many people (fans included) felt uneasy about the situation. Yes, it’s Breezy & RiRi’s lives and they can certainly do whatever they please… but how has this relationship affected others and what type of message is it sending? The fabulous writers over at Billboard jumped on the opportunity to pen letters to both of the singers. It’s a great & important read so make sure you check out what they have to say after the jump! Wendy L.

Army Vet Pens Open Letter About The Occupy Movement To All Members Of The U.S Armed Forces

Mitch Green, a US Army vet and economics PhD candidate, has written an open letter to members of the US armed forces, who, he believes, will soon be called upon to put down the Occupy movement in America. Hit the jump to read the letter. Funk Flex Find Flex on Google+

Tech Talk Business: RIM Responds To Open Letter!!!

Thank You Again BGR!! Earlier today I posted An Open Letter from an Anonymous Exec to RIM’s Leadership, And RIM has Responded, Hit the Jump if you think they should have come with this response or Not?? Tat WZA

Tech Talk Fail: RIM Exec Tells Company They Are #Failing

As I cruise the Web, I ran across this open letter from a RIM Exec to his Bosses, Shout TO BGR for the Exposure, but Basically this exec is saying that the company Will Fail if they don’t take Action immediately!!! If your a Blackberry User/Lover (the way I used to be) You should read this letter so you know where your favorite device is headed!!! Tat WZA

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