NBA: Oh Word? Former Teammates Trash Dwight Howard

Dwight Howard went from one of the more loveable players in the NBA, to one of the more annoying ones the past couple seasons. It wasn’t that he did any one thing so dramatic, but his constant lying about wanting to leave the Orlando Magic and his sometimes in-ability to take things serious left a bad taste in people’s mouths. But it seems more importantly guys that he played with for years are also feeling some sort of way towards him. Check it out after the jump.

NBA: Dwight Howard is Playing in LA But His Head is in Orlando

Dwight Howard is known for not being able to make up his mind, case and point the “Dwightmare” that occurred in Orlando.  He seems to still be struggling.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

NBA: Breaking News, The Orlando Magic Won’t Pursue Dwight Howard in Free Agency LOL

Everyone is laughing and basically in shock that the Orlando Sentinel would even take the time out to write this story.  It’s well known that Dwight Howard will become a free agent after this season, it’s also well known about the “Dwightmare” and his subsequent departure from the Orlando Magic.  So why would we all need to be alerted that they won’t pursue him in free agency?  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

Mix-N-Mash: New Era Orlando Magic Gradience Hat & The Penny V “Suns”

Check out today’s mix-n-mash. Hit the jump to see the pics and tell us what you think… DJ JUANYTO

NBA: Dwight Howard Addresses “Dwightmare” in Orlando & His Chances of Re-signing With the Lakers

The “Dwightmare” is finally over but that doesn’t mean it won’t still be talked about especially with the Lakers taking on the Magic tonight.  Of course prior to the game many reporters are asking Dwight how he feels returning to the Orlando as well as how he feels about how everything went down.  Read more after the jump. Shay Marie

NBA: Dwight Howard Addresses Feelings About Playing the Magic on Sunday

The Los Angeles Lakers will take on the Magic in Orlando on Sunday and it’ll be the first time superstar center Dwight Howard will play against his former team since being traded.  See what he had to say about it after the jump. Shay Marie

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