(Photo) The Game Speaks On The Orlando Shooting

People all over have been giving there love and blessings to the lives that were lost during the Orlando shooting. Game says its been hard for him to talk about this because its such a touchy topic.

Should’ve Known: Omar Mateen Threatened To Shoot Up His Elementary School

The miseducation…or the misunderstanding? Teachers and parents should have saw the signs way back when for this ‘troubled’ kid, before he went on the deadliest mass shooting in U.S history.

(Photos) Orlando Brown Seems To Be Very Confused About ‘The Pray For Orlando’ Hashtag

Orlando Brown has sadly mistaken the “pray for Orlando” hashtag with himself. As we all know early Sunday morning there was an attack on an Orlando nightclub which resulted in fifty deaths. Orlando Brown may be trying to be funny but to be honest there is a time and place for everything and his post to me personally was a little insensitive to the situation at hand.

(Photo) Donald Trump Says Obama Should Step Down In Wake Of Orlando Shooting…

Shortly after President Obama addressed our Nation in the wake of the Orlando Night Club Shooting Donald Trump decided to state his opinion.

The Westboro Baptist Church Celebrates The Orlando Shooting: “God Still Hates Fags”

Not surprising coming from this bunch honestly. They do this everytime.

Mayor Of Washington D.C. Speaks As Capital Pride Festival Mourns The #ClubPulse #Orlando Victims

Today at the Capitol Pride festival a moment of silence was held for the victims of the Club Pace shooting in Orlando, Florida. The festival is held yearly in Washington D.C. to celebrate all love, especially the love which radiates within the LGBT community. He made a note to let the people in attendance know that love not fear will still rule this day. This festival for sure will show just how strong America stands when under attack; symbolizing that no matter how much fear tries to rear its ugly head; love will always prevail.

(Photo) Scary Text Messages From #Orlando #ClubPulse Victim Sent To Parents From Inside The Club

Now that the dusk has settled from the horrific terror attack which took place at the Orlando night club, Pulse; horrific details and stories of the account are starting to emerge. One of these accounts is one of a parent going through their worst nightmare. In the middle of the night a parent was awakened by a text from their child who was in fear for his life. Text messages located in the gallery after the jump.

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