(Video) New Blackberry Alleged Super Phone Leaks!!!

Hahahaha, I know you’re thinking that’s a bit of an oxymoron, the words Blackberry and Super Phone, but this phone has been getting a modicum of chatter in the Tech world, people wondering is it real, or just a rumor to keep Blackberry alive, well a Vietnamese site called Cellphone S have provided a video(after the Jump) to prove it’s real.

Jolla Announces Its First Smartphone Using THIS OS!!!

Jolla which was created by ex-employees of Nokia, has announced its first smartphone using Operating System Sailfish. The company is hoping that the new OS will encourage people to purchase its Smartphone instead of Android phones.

Will Apple’s iRadio Be Ready For WWDC??

Back in March, we told you about Apple creating a music outlet similar to Pandora called iRadio. Well Apple has had some problems getting all of the major labels on board.

Can The NEW Mobile Firefox OS Take On iOS & Android With THESE Phones?!?!

Firefox OS finally got shown on a couple of smartphones. It feels like they will have to start off on some less than great ones, The ZTE Open & the Alcatel One Touch Fire will release later this year in emerging markets such as Brazil & Serbia, but won’t come to the US anytime soon, if at all. Mozilla has gone on to say we’ll see update phones in America in 2014(after some sort of success). Check out more information in the link after the jump.

Ubuntu Mobile OS Announced For Tablets

Earlier today Canonical announced a new version of its Ubuntu Linux for tablets. The new verison for Tablets will support multiple users from the home screen and will also include a guest mode option. To show how snappy the new version is Canonical released a video show how it works. After the break check it out.

Google To Release Keylime Pie OS This Spring

There has’nt been a major update in the Android ecosystem. The last great update was last year when Andoroid released Ice Cream Sandwhich. However news is circualting on the web that Google plans on releasing Keylime this Spring. This is great new since Samsung plans on releasing its Galaxy SIV in the same time period. According to Android police who got their hands on some documents, the site says the announcement could be announce at Google’s annual I/O conference which is slated for May 15th through the 17th this year.

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