Pennsylvania Pastor Charged With Getting Girls From His Youth Group Pregnant

Now this is crazy. Isnt youth group suppose to be a place where people go to learn about the lord? Well, apparently its a place of sin in Pennsylvania. A pastor is now facing charges after he impregenated a 15-year-old girl from his youth group while having a seven month relationship with her.

(Video) Awkward: Wiz Khalifa Experiences Some Weird Things On Adult Swim’s ‘The Eric Andre Show’

Me personally, I have yet to watch an episode of ‘The Eric Andre Show,’ but I’ve seen the commercial previews and I do watch other shows like ‘Family Guy‘ on Adult Swim (To the channel’s creators: Demonic thoughts much?). Things took a turn for the weird end when a red-eyed (due to the weed, of course) Wiz Khalifa came across a raccoon, a George Clooney impersonator busting through a desk and a butt naked personal assistant. Freaky s**t! Check out the ruined set down bottom.

K.J. McDaniels Wants All Or Nothing [76ers]

K.J. McDaniels (Clemson) is a Rookie from Philadelphia 76ers he took a very extreme and different approach to his Rookie contract. Which I think takes “balls”. agreeing to a one-year, non-guaranteed tender that could make him a restricted free agent next July.

Man Kills Girlfriend After She Survived Deliberate Car Crash!

This is one sad story. A man is PA killed his girlfriend by suffocation after she didn’t die from a deliberate car crash! Police say Benjamin Klinger purposely drove into a guardrail at 100 mph in hopes to kill his girlfriend, after she didn’t die, he then suffocated her. He is expected to serve over 28 years in prison. Read more below

(Photos) Mom States She Didn’t Know Her Son Was Dead Until When???!

These headlines get spookier and spookier. A Pennsylvania mom claimed that she didn’t know her 8 year old son was dead until…. she smelled his corpse. The severely disabled boy had been dead for days.. check out why..

Bride Kills Neice After Wedding!

I guess this bride is the ultimate “Bridezilla” huh? A Bride in PA got into an argument with her 21 year old niece over who was going to drive. The Bride didn’t waste anytime handling things, she grabbed her new husband gun and shot her niece ultimately killing her. SMH, read more after the jump.

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