(Video) LMAO! Father Shows Daughter How To Really Throw A Tantrum!?!

This father is showing parents world wide how to handle the classic tantrum thrown by their children! After the father seems to be just about tired with his daughter’s screaming and on going tantrum, he begins to fight fire with fire and stoops down to the youngin’s level! Check out the hilarious video below!

(Video) Could BatDad Be The Best Dad Ever?!

BatDad is technically a Vine creation. He might have hit IG a couple of times, but definitely has been in many Vine comps, so that’s where I know him from. When you hit the jump and see a bunch of his adventures together you realize, his kids LOVE it!!

(Photos) DAMN! Draya Michele Gets Slammed For Being A Bad Mother in 2010 – She Responds!

Okay, I’ve read the comments, and one in particular is FUNNY to me, BUT that’s besides the point. Back in 2010 reality star, Draya Michele was charged and found guilty of child endangerment. Seems, Draya left her young son at home alone to go dancing on the ever-so popular stripping pole. Since the news hit the public, the new face of RocaWear can’t live it down. After tweeting that her iPhone update failed miserably (as I heard from many others as well, #teamDROID), a few non-fans came for her neck about her terrible parenting skills. Hit the jump to see what just a few people said.

A New-School Method For Parents Raising Children Causes A Stir!!

David Vienna of TheDaddyComplex.com has revealed some techniques for parents who are fans of parenting trends. It’s quite simple, yet so sophisticated and it takes a special type of person to adhere to it. It’s actually a two-step process that will sooth your overzealous thoughts about raising another life. Hit the jump for the process.

(Photos) Aww, Wiz Khalifa Kisses Baby Sebastian!

Awe, seems like yesterday that Amber Rose was pregnant with little Sebastian, but now he’s here and getting bigger and bigger each day. Today Wiz Khalifa took care of his little Bud and they took the cutest pic. Click below and check out the gallery to see!

(Photos) Damn! Guess Who Is Questioning Kim Kardashian’s Mothering Skills!?

  “Tell PETA my mink is dragging on the floor…” The animal rights organization, PETA, is currently scrutinizing Kim Kardashian for her choice to constantly wear fur. They even go as far as saying her parenting skills are questionable because her choices could influence her child. They’re harsh! Hit the jump to read the statement from PETA’s spokesperson and to see Kim’s best fur pics.

President Obama Wants To Ensure Jay-Z Spends Enough Time With Blue Ivy

From one busy man to another, President Obama, who is good friends with the Carters (Jay-Z and Beyonce) knows the importance of family–especially when you’re work schedule is insane. While campaigning for re-election, he explained what his friendship is like with Jay and Bey and parenting advice he’s shelled out (on Bey’s behalf). Read more after the jump Quay

Snoop Says His Son is Learning From the Best

When pictures of rapper Snoop Dogg and his son Corde smoking a bong together hit the internet, it sparked a conversation about Snoop’s parenting style. Snoop says what’s the fuss? At least he HAS as relationship with his son… Read more after the jump Quay

(Photos) America’s Top 10 WORST Parents! You’ll Never BELIEVE How Bad These Pictures Are!!

You’ve been warned! These pictures are crazy! You won’t believe how parents could just let their things do these things! Check it out after the jump! Biz Baby

(Video) Tech Talk News: Mother Punishes Daughter With Facebook!!

Times has changed, I use to just get beatings. Well now Facebook is a form of punishment for kids. Hit the jump to see how one mother disciplined her kid with Facebook. +TatWZA X @ShottaDru Shotta Dru on Google+

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