(Video) Teen Shoots Herself Dead In Front Of Her Parents

Just last month, Brandy Vela, shot and killed herself in front of her parents in Texas. Her family claims that they are still behind harassed on the internet. People are so cruel. Her family believes that the reason she took her own life was because of being bullied on the internet.

NASCAR: Parents Of Robby Gordon Found Dead In Their Home

The parents of Robby Gordon have been found dead in their Orange County, CA home after 68-year-old Robert “Baja Bob” Gordon strangled his wife 57-year-old Sharon Gordon before then killing himself.

Man Kills Dad And Stabs Mom For Not Getting Him Fast Food

A Louisiana man will be facing murder charges after he killed his father and stabbed his mother for not including him in on a fast food run. Smh! The crazy things people do. Robert Pritchett will be facing second degree murder charges, attempted second degree murder charges and also auto theft.

(Video) Chicago Parents In An Uproar After Teacher Gives Sixth Graders A Test On Chief Keef

In addition to the traditional subjects like math, reading and science many elementary school children participate in various electives including art and music class. While some parents may find it hard to keep up with all the material that their child is learning, parents at the John Fiske Elementary School in Chicago were outraged after learning that their children were learning about rapper Chief Keef as part of their music class curriculum. Read more blow.

(Photos) Way Back Wednesday: Amber Rose Shows Us Her Parents Back In The Day!

It’s not quite Thursday yet, but Amber Rose just couldn’t seem to wait! The popular vixen – who has just been given her own reality TV show on MTV with her fellow BFF Blac Chyna – posted up an old vintage photo of her parents to pay them homage. A lot of people don’t know what Amber Rose’s nationality is due to her unique facial features but after doing a little research, we now know!

(Video) Parents Disgusted with Ri Ri’s Disturbing B.B.H.M.M Video

Parents disgusted with Rihanna’s new video for the hit single “B.B.H.M.M”. Living up to her Bad Gal nickname again our island rebel blows us away with a very disturbing video plot. Using terms such as “Extreme violence” , there is a line of parents who are questioning whether or not their teenage girls should be watching videos like this. I’ll let you be the judge of it.

(Video) Teacher Asks Students To Take Selfies With Parents’ Sex Toys

In an peculiar move by an educator, an extra credit assignment that suggested students pose for selfies with their parents’ sex toys has aroused controversy among parents and resulted in an investigation.

(Video) Compton Unified School District Getting Sued By Parents And Students

Kendrick Lamar on his ‘To Pimp A Butterfly’LP had some lines that caught my attention. He said, “I know if I’m generous at heart, I don’t need recognition. The way I’m rewarded, well, that’s God’s decision. I know you know that line’s for Compton School District.” He quite possibly could soon be writing about, his hometown school, the Compton Unified School District getting sued by parents and students.

(Video) Parents File Lawsuit To Allow Daughter To Use Medical Marijuana In School

New Jersey parents file a lawsuit to allow their daughter to use medical marijuana in school. Check out the video and read more on the story after the jump!

Baby Girl Is Found Dead The Same Day Parents Were Going On ‘Maury’ For Paternity Test!

A baby girl is found dead on the same day that her parents from Ohio were planning to go on ‘Maury’ for a DNA paternity test. Read more on the story below!

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