Pat Houston Speaks Out For The First Time Since Bobbi Kristina’s Death

The world suffered the loss of Bobbi Kristina Brown earlier this year and still continue to mourn her passing while waiting for answers about exactly what caused the 22 year-old starlet to be found unconscious in the bathtub of her Atlanta home. However, no one has suffered the loss quite like her family. Recently, her famous father Bobby Brown spoke out about how he found strength to deal with the tragic loss of his daughter through writing his upcoming book. Tonight, on Entertainment Tonight, Pat Houston, aunt to Bobbi Kristina is speaking out for the first time about the of death of her niece. Read more below.

(Photo) Whitney Houston Hologram Tour Coming Next Year

“It’s a great opportunity for her fans”, says Sister in Law Pat Houston when the idea of a Whitney Houston Holographic tour came up. Not long after the pasing of daughter Bobbi Christina, Pat has decided to give her consent to Hologram USA. The tour is already set in motion and heard to start sometime next year.

Leolah Brown Kicked Out Of Bobbi Kristina’s Funeral Service

Update: After being removed from the funeral service for her niece Leolah Brown spoke to the press about the incident. She expressed her frustration in the untimely death of her niece saying she angry with Nick Gordon, but also that Pat Houston “had something to do with it.” Check out what she had to say below. Original: Bobby Brown’s sister Leolah Brown has been extremely outspoken throughout the entire journey of Bobbi Kristina’s death. The Browns and the Houstons have been feuding about medical treatment, estate distribution and now funeral arrangements. Bobbi Kristina’s funeral was arranged by Pat Houston. She chose a Sweet 16 theme which had many family members upset. Today, during the service Leolah could not hold her tongue any longer and made an extreme outburst that got her kicked out of the funeral. Read more below.

(Photos) Pat Houston & Tina Brown Calls A Truce As The Families Say Their Goodbyes To Bobbi Kristina

Throughout Bobbi Kristina Brown’s hospital stay, there has remained a constant feud between her mother’s and her father’s side of the family. Most of the bickering and misled communication coming from Pat Houston and Tina Brown, both being Bobbi’s aunts. Now, however, the pair has found a way to get past all of the animosity, and hug it out. Find out more below.

(Photo) Houston’s and Brown’s Put Aside Their Differences And Gather At Bobbi Kristina’s Bedside

Both sides of Bobbi Kristina’s family came together Saturday to hold a vigil at her bedside. Wednesday the daughter of the late Whitney Houston was moved to a hospice facility in Georgia, after it was determined that her condition was only deteriorating. Bobbi Kristina Brown has been in the hospital since being found unconscious in her bathtub in January. Her families has been feuding over her care and condition since then but seem to have put all that aside to be there for her in her final days.

Bobbi Kristina Taken Off Medications; Family Reportedly “Letting Her Go”

I’m hesitant to believe this, given the constant misinformation released about Bobbi Kristina, but the latest reports say that she has now been taken off of the medications that were helping to keep her alive, and her family is “letting her go.” Bobbi’s aunt Pat Houston released a statement announcing that they’ve moved her to the hospice care facility and taken her off all medications, so she can die naturally. Doctors are unsure how long she will live without medial assistance, but Pat adds, “She is in God’s hands now.” The decision reportedly came after the family consulted with a top brain specialist last week in Chicago, and were told that there is “no hope” for Bobbi to pull out of the coma. Our prayers are with the Browns and the Houstons at this time!

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