NBA: Dwyane Wade Hasn’t Spoken to Pat Riley ‘I know how he is. If you’re not w/ him, you’re against him’

The Miami Heat will host the Chicago Bulls on Thursday night.  It will also be Dwyane Wade’s first return to the American Airlines arena since he signed a two-year contract with the Bulls this summer.  Wade says he has not spoken to Heat president Pat Riley since the last season ended.  After contract talks broke down with the Heat, Wade left to sign with his hometown team, leaving the team he had spent his entire 13-year NBA career with.  Now that’s he’s returning to play against them, Wade revealed that he’s spoken to everyone but Riley because he knows how Pat is and has seen how he’s treated other players that left in the past.

NBA: LeBron James Reacts to Pat Riley & Heat Saying They’re Done With Chris Bosh

Chris Bosh missed the second half of each of the past two seasons due to blood clots.  He recently failed the preseason physical, and during media day, Miami Heat President Pat Riley said they were no longer working on Bosh’s return to the team.  LeBron James, a former member of the Big 3 with Bosh, said he was surprised to hear that the Heat had essentially washed their hands of the player that was supposed to be the cornerstone of the team.

NBA: Pat Riley: Chris Bosh Career With Miami Heat is Over

Chris Bosh has been eager to get back on the court, but unfortunately, it appears that his career with the Miami Heat is over.

NBA: Pat Riley The Hater Says Shaq, Not Lebron Or D-Wade, Was The Biggest Acquisition In Heat History

Pat Riley, you salty, old hater. Are we still in our feelings over Lebron James & Dwyane Wade leaving the Heat in the past two years? Sure sounds like it. Despite all the attention and more importantly the titles that having guys like Bron & Wade brought to the franchise, Riley is saying that getting Shaq was bigger than both of them.

(Video) NBA: Pat Riley ‘Floored’ Dwyane Wade Actually Left But Firm in Not Giving Him Kobe Contract

Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat were at a standstill in terms of money.  Heat president Pat Riley offered Wade a two-year, $40 million contract but Wade felt he deserved more.  Riley called his bluff about leaving and was “floored” when Wade actually picked up and went to his hometown of Chicago to play with the Bulls.  Now Riley is expressing regret over the situation.

NBA: Pat Riley Sends Text About Dwyane Wade Leaving & Joining Chicago Bulls

Dwyane Wade and Miami Heat president Pat Riley were basically in a standoff.  Riley offered Wade a two-year, $40 million deal to stay with the Heat and refused to offer a penny or a year more.  Wade believed he was worth more due to the pay cuts he’d taken in the past, and the fact that he’s never been the highest paid player on the team despite his significant meaning to the franchise.  In the end Riley called Wade’s bluff to leave and Wade said goodbye.  Wade agreed to a two-year, $47.5 million deal to join the Bulls and go back to his original home of Chicago.  Here’s what Riley had to say about that.

NBA: Pat Riley Shuts Down Rumors That Lebron Tried To Have Erik Spoelstra Fired In Miami

Earlier this week, Miami Heat co-owner Raanan Katz basically said Lebron was to blame for the Cavs firing coach David Blatt. While everyone already feels that way anyway, it was interesting to hear that from the owner of his former team. Katz then went on to say Bron tried to get Heat coach Eric Spoelstra fired when he got to Miami but he failed. According to team president Pat Riley though, that never happened.

NBA: Pat Riley Says Heat Have ‘All of the Elements of a Championship Team’

Heat president Pat Riley thinks this team is better than just the second best in the East, he thinks they can go all the way.

NBA Report: Pat Riley & Miami Heat Will Make a Run at Kevin Durant

There’s jokes that Miami Heat president Pat Riley is in the mafia because of the way he looks and the way he always makes things happen.  Well those rumors would rise if the Heat manage the land the biggest star of the 2016 free agency, Kevin Durant.  The Oklahoma City Thunder and Washington Wizards have reportedly been considered the main contenders but this latest report is throwing the Heat into the mix.

NBA: LeBron James Responds to the Shots Pat Riley Threw at Him

Miami Heat president Pat Riley explained the team’s approach to this year’s NBA Draft and said “No more smiling faces with hidden agendas, so we’ll be going in clean.”  Many people took that as a shot at LeBron James after the Hear drafted Shabazz Napier to please James and LeBron later surprised Riley by leaving the Heat and returning to the Cleveland Cavaliers.  LeBron was asked about Riley’s comments and here’s what he had to say.

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