Fetty Wap’s Paterson High School Is Now Investigating His “Wake Up” Video

Fetty Wap’s “Wake Up” video has caused an investigation at Eastside High School in Paterson, NJ. I can’t say that I’m surprised at this news! The video was shot there, as it’s the school that the “Trap Queen” rapper attended before dropping out to pursue other avenues, and the questionable imagery in the final product has district administrators none too pleased. I’m sure I was not the only one a bit taken aback upon my first watch of the video last week, as scenes inside the school’s halls included a twerking stripper equipped with a pole, “students” (paid extras, likely of age) drinking 40s and other behavior one wouldn’t think a school would approve for a video that will be seen worldwide… And it turns out, they didn’t.

P-Dice, Former Member Of Fetty Wap’s Remy Boyz, Charged With Shooting 7 Year Old

P-Dice, a former member of Fetty Wap’s Remy Boyz crew, has just been arrested and charged with attempted murder for accidentally shooting a 7 year old boy. The boy was inside his house when a stray bullet came piercing through the window and striking him in the shoulder. Full story after the jump.

Oh Nah: Fetty Wap And Baby Mother Argue Heavy

Is this the Trap Queen Fetty Wap talks about? Well if so, she isn’t anymore. Fetty Wap and Lezhae Zeona the mother of his daughter got at it apparently and the clips of this video are not something you want to miss; things get so heated it becomes borderline uncomfortable to say the least. The argument was allegedly over an interview his baby mother on Gems Radio Dashow in Paterson, NJ. You’ve got to check this out…

THE DRAMA: Fetty Wap’s Second Baby Mama & Sister Get Into It On FB…OUCH!

This might be one of the most entertaining beefs we’ve seen thus far. Jersey’s own Fetty Wap has the world on his shoulder, yet he unfortunately has to deal with personal family drama just like the rest of us.

(Video) Former Remy Boyz Member P Dice Gets Pressed About Supposed Fetty Wap Diss

In a recent video former Remy Boyz member P Dice appears to get pressed after disrespecting Fetty Wap. This comes after an interview P Dice completed where he basically called his old squad little girls. He also allegedly had Fetty Wap’s music cut off in a club where he was performing.

Fetty Wap Could Care Less About Album Sales; It’s All About Living A Dream

Fetty Wap is doing more than beating down you block with his catchy singles (singles that have consecutively reached top ten status on the charts). He’s living out his wildest dreams. During a sit down in Dallas, Fetty talks to Billboard about his hopes for his self-titled album. All-in-all, he has none. “I don’t give a goddamn if the album don’t make it nowhere. I don’t care if I don’t sell 100 copies if all my family bought it,” he expresses. “None of that extra s**t matter to me, bro, as long as I get a chance to live a dream a lot of people didn’t.” Read more from the “My Way” rapper after the jump.

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