“Dancing With The Stars” Cast Includes Paula Deen (Hmm) & Tamar Braxton

The 21st season of Dancing with the Stars is scheduled to air in September. Good Morning America announced the celebrity lineup of dancers as well as their Pro partners. You can expect to see Tamar Braxton, Nick Carter (Backstreet Boys, YES!), Chaka Khan, Paula Deen and more. I’m wondering how the tense the air was in the decision room when producers decided to add Deen. You know she’s been involved in all BAD publicity over recent months. Hmm, interesting. Find out more down bottom.

(Photo) Racist, Or Nah: Paula Deen Posts Her Son With Brownface

Stupidity at its finest. Paula Deen posts her son with brownface. Check it out after the jump.

Paula Deen Restaurant Shut Down, But How Did She Inform The Workers?! #Scandalous

My, how the tables have turned – over in this case. The “racism scandal” with Paula Deen seemed to have been dying down, but she’s added fuel to the fire in this case. After the general manager of Uncle Bubba’s Seafood & Oyster House sued the crafter of 14 cookbooks for using the, “N-word” and treating some staff like slaves, it’s clear that Deen couldn’t stand the heat, so she got on out of the kitchen as the restaurant is now closed. …how did the employees find out that they were out of a job?! Find out down below.

Sports: Paula Deen Says She’s Like “That Black Football Player Who Recently Came Out”

What the f*ck is wrong with this woman?!  REALLY?!  Is there no one advising her?!  She really hasn’t learned anything from her past mistakes.  Paul Deen can relate to “that black football player who recently came out.”  Yes folks, this is real.  Hit the jump for the story…

Paula Deen Gains $75 Million Dollar Sponsor?!

Although Paula Deen has lost many if not all her sponsors after her racism scandal, she seems to have found someone who still has hope, and tons of cash! Hit the jump to see who is willing to give her a “boost”.

(Video) LOL! Check Out Comedian Stevieweevie Spoofin’ Celebs!

This guy is hilarious! Stevieweevie spoofs Paula Deen, Rachel Jeantel, 2 Chainz Robbery, Miguel, Rihanna, Future, Trinidad James & More! To see the video, click below.

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