(Video) Paula Deen Is Back, Y’all!! Crying For The People, Of Course!

Paula Deen made her first public appearance since her racism fiasco, and the Texan people welcomed her back with open arms. After a long ovation, Paula was definitely emotional cooking for the sold-out crowd. Fans paid up to $400 to watch her cook live at the Metropolitan Cooking and Entertainment Show in Texas. Guess all is forgiven in Big Texas! Check out the video after the jump.

(Video) Epic FAIL! Paula Deen Says WHAT About Her Racism Scandal?!

Paula Deen must have forgotten her water works video apology of her begging for forgiveness from her fans for using the n-word. Recently she was caught at the airport leaving Savannah, Georgia, where she made an appearance at a cooking convention. When asked about a comeback from her career destroying scandal, Paula said “never went anywhere”. To see the video of Paula Deen at the airport, click below.

(Photos) ‘Law & Order: SVU’ Episode To Be Inspired By Trayvon Martin Case!

Yup, Trayvon Martin, Rihanna, Chris Brown, and, maybe even…PAULA DEEN all have something in common. There real life controversies has turned into an episode of, Law & Order: SVU. NBC is known to take nationally known situations like Rihanna/Chris Brown, Casey Anthony’s, etc., and emulate them. “SVU is fiction,” NBC stated when asked was this based on the murder and trial of Trayvon Martin, but we all know the truth. People wearing hoodies, protesting with signs of a young black guy, also wearing a hoodie SCREAMS the real life situation. The added on difference is that on the show, the killer is a woman, whom is said to be, Paula Deen. So, will they add her in the mix. You know she’s been big news in the media as well. We’ll see, but for now, hit the jump and check out photos on set of this coming soon episode titled, ‘American Tragedy.

Paula Deen WINS In The Racial Discrimination Lawsuit Against Her!

Paula Deen lost a helluva lot of money this year…and a judge has officially ruled that it was all for no reason! The judge said Lisa Jackson had no right to claim racial discrimination because she’s white as well, and the fact that Lisa tried to say someone in her family was bi-racial would make her an “accidental victim” at best. How do you feel that the case was thrown out?

(Video) Oprah FINALLY Speaks Out On Paula Deen Scandal

You know Oprah definitely has to be careful in how she words her thoughts over Paula Deen. The Queen of daytime talk shows has finally spoken in regards to her friend, since the whole scandal has put her in a bad place. While naturally Oprah wishes Paula Deen would just come on her show to talk (ratings, duh!) she had other things to say. Check out her statement after the jump.

(Video) Sports: Is This Athlete In Paula Deen’s Corner?!

I love TMZ, they have some great stories, but sometimes their headlines are a little crazy. Lol.  When I first saw this story on Laila Ali “still being in Paula Deen’s corner” I was kind of surprised.  Everyone has an opinion on the situation and they are entitled to that opinion, but Laila doesn’t say she’s “got Paula’s back.”  Take a listen (don’t read) to what Laila said & let us know what you think…

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