50 Cent Asks The Judge To Reduce His Judgement In Sex Tape Scandal

50 Cent was back in court on Wednesday (January 6th) asking the judge to slash the $7 million dollar penalty awarded to Rick Ross’ baby mama, Lastonia Leviston to $1.6 million. Incase you missed it, 50 was ordered to pay Leviston for leaking her sex tape online. 50, who’s currently battling bankruptcy, says he’s strapped for cash and wants the award reduced because, according to reports, “the $7 million award doubles up the emotional damages and the rest is excessive.” The judge said he would rule on the request by the end of the month. We’ll just have to stay tuned. Hopefully, this can all be worked out.

Boxing: Trouble Brewing? Floyd Mayweather Reportedly Won’t Agree To Failed Drug Test Penalty

Could another issue regarding drug testing possibly derail the biggest fight in the history of boxing? Most likely not since contracts have already been signed, but with the history between Mayweather and Pacquiao, you just can never believe the fight is going to be real until they are in the ring. Reportedly some trouble is brewing between the camps because Floyd allegedly will not agree to the same $5 million dollar penalty for a failed drug test that he asked Pacquiao to agree to. According to Leonard Ellerbe however, it is not Floyd’s fault and he has some harsh words for Manny and his camp.

Devin Hester penalty on his record-setting touchdown return [ NFL Aint Playin’]

In the same breath as Congrats the NFL decided to give Devin Hester a gift to show their “appreciation”! A big fat penalty for taugnting, for his tribute to Deon Sanders in last nights game.    

(Video) NFL: The NFL Doesn’t Want Players Using The “N-Word” & Here Is How They Plan To Stop It

This has long been a word that instantly sparks debate & controversy and that will never change. While some people may accept it as common use and a word of endearment, there will also always be people who still believe it is a very disrespectful word and will never allow it to become part of their vocabulary. Yesterday ESPN did a special about the use of this word in sports in light of some recent incidents that involved athletes. I personally don’t believe a network such as ESPN had the right to make themselves the stage for such a debate, because the use of this word goes much deeper than just being used in sports, but some good points were brought up. The NFL is attempting to make sure the word is abolished from the league by penalizing players who use it on the field, but is it realistic to enforce such a rule? Hit the jump for more.

(Caught On Tape)**Graphic** Chinese Police Execution!!

No games played in China at all. It seems that unlike our ‘lethal injection’ method in the U.S. when it comes to the death penalty, China just uses a gun. In the footage, Chinese authorities remove a man from the back of a police van in front of a rather large crowd. Once he’s removed, they walk him past some tree –into an open lot, still visible by the crowd. In fact, during the walk and just before it came to an end for the man killed, police turned him around to acknowledge the crowd. After making the man kneel to the ground, they shoot him point blank with one shot to the head. Check out the actual video after the jump. Beware, It’s pretty graphic.

NFL: Seriously?!?! Officials Warn Players About TD Celebrations; They Can Get A Penalty For THIS?!

NFL = No Fun League.  C’mon b!  This is ridiculous!!!  I think players should be able to celebrate however they want when they make a touchdown, but I (kinda) understand why the NFL have some of their rules in place.  But this?!  This is just crazy.  Can’t spin the ball?!  FOH! Report after the jump…

American Express Will Pay Back $85 Million To Customers

Three American Express subsidiaries will refund $85 million to customers to resolve charges that they broke consumer protection laws.  The subsidiaries charged illegal late fees, treated applicants differently based on age and misled consumers about debt collection, among other violations.  Check out the full coverage below! DJ Matthew Tyler

Man Confesses To Murders And Asks For Death Penalty!

William Clyde Gibson is a convicted sex offender that decided to plead guilty by writing a letter to his local newspaper.  He was arrested for strangling 3 women and let the paper know that he has no problem receiving the death penalty. They probably won’t have a problem with that either, since he sexually assaulted and sodomized these women before ending their life.  Hit the jump for details. Steph Bassanini

Auto Talk: BMW Agrees To Pay $3 Million Fine To U.S. Auto Safety Regulators

BMW of North America will pay a $3 million fine to settle a civil penalty stemming from government recall investigations in 2010 that found a number of violations, The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration said today. Full story after the jump… Funk Flex Find Flex on Google +

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