Man Penis Gets Ripped Off In Revenge Attack

In today’s Lorena Bobbitt News…A 40 year old man in Northern England suffered severe injuries to the groin after he had his penis ripped off. The Daily News report that after the man slept with the girlfriend of a relative, he had his penis ripped off in a revenge attack. Read more of the painful story after the jump

(18+*Video) Have You Ever Heard Of An Online Game That’s Made Millions Called RUST?!

So I ran across this game by chance, then looked it up, it’s an indie online game that came out last year, and as of Jan. 2014, has made $7.5 Million!! Rust is based in survival, gamers, trapped on an island, have to go through a gambit of problems, from starving, attacks from wildlife, drowning, even exposure to radiation. The ultimate goal is Staying alive!!

(Warning*Extreme*Graphic) Woman Cuts Off Her Husbands ‘Package’ [Photo/Video]

This indian woman went ‘lorraina Bobbet’ on her husband because she ‘suspected’ he was cheating. No word on if he was, but this story is crazier than the Bobbet saga!

(VIDEO) MLB: LOL, Whoops! CSN Accidentally Airs New Cubs Mascot … With Penis

The website DeadSpin had some fun with the new Cubs mascot & somehow one of their naughty pics of the bear made it’s way on-air during a live broadcast on Comcast Sports Net.  Ummm, whoops — someone is in trouble.  Lol, SMH. Check out what happened…

Yikes: Enrique Iglesias Reveals His Worst Defect… & It’s BAD!

Oh no, this can’t be good. In a recent interview with the New York Post, singer/songwriter Enrique Iglesias put himself on blast and exposed his “biggest” (or smallest) defect, however you want to look at it. Click below to find out!

(18+ Ladies ONLY Pic) NFL: First Penis Pic of 2014 – Bitter Woman Leaks Jets QB Geno Smith Nude Photo!

Goodness, we couldn’t even get past day 1 of the new year without a groupie leaking an athlete’s d*ck pic?!  Here we go with a typical story.  A groupie woman who had been involved with Jets QB Geno Smith found out that he has a girlfriend (Kristen Stubbs who he  went to high school with) and as revenge put his business out for all to see.  Not only did she share her story & texts with Geno, but shared a nude photo he sent her —- yes, “the package” is clearly visible.  C’mon Geno!!  Gotta be smarter than this!! SMH. This one is just for the ladies!!!

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