UHMM NO! Pennsylvania Newspaper Issues An Apology For Comparing Air Travel To Being On A Slave Ship

Someone was listening a little too hard to Kanye’s “New Slaves.” A Pennsylvania newspaper had to apologize on behalf of their editorial cartoon, which compared modern-day air travel to the “Middle Passage” aka slave ships. The trans-Atlantic leg of the slave trade continues to be a very touchy topic that involves brutal experiences of most of our ancestors. The slave trade involved transporting captive Africans to the Americas to be sold into bondage… YEA, nothing to make light of.

Wow! Teen Kills Cab Driver After He Rejected His Route?!

Aazis Richardson, 16, was charged with murder after he shot and killed 47 year old northeastern Pennsylvania cab driver Vincent Darbenzio twice in the head. He murdered Darbenzio because he thought he was being ripped off by him after he took a longer route and refused to take Richardson’s shortcuts. Read more on the bizarre story below!

Go Green: Huge Bag Of Weed Gets Donated To The Salvation Army!

Pennsylvania Salvation Army goes green after huge bag of weed is graciously donated to them!

(Video) Missing Mother Found Dead In Snow Covered Car With 7 Tickets On Windshield!

The body of a 22 year old mother, Nadia Malik, was found dead in a parked car nearly 12 days after she was reported missing on February 9th. Her Nissan was parked in a busy train station in Pennsylvania. What is even more shameful is, that the car she was in, was issued 7 tickets for parking violations. Malik’s sister was the last to speak to the victim and says her sister was with her ex boyfriend, when her phone suddenly got disconnected. Malik’s ex boyfriend,Bhupinder Singh, is being questioned by police. SMH! To see news coverage of this story, click below.

(Photos) ‘Craigslist Killers’ Are The New Face Of Evil After Claiming To Kill Dozens

A young couple from Pennsylvania, Miranda and Elytte Barbour, used Craigslist across the country to meet and kill people, and all because they were in a satanic cult.

(Video) Pennsylvania Couple Is Trying To Sell “Slightly Haunted” House!

A couple is trying to sell their “slightly haunted” Victorian home in Pennsylvania. Gregory and Sandi Leeson complain of banging doors, odd noises in the basement, and creepy feelings of being watched in their 113 year old home. To check out news coverage of this story, click below.

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