Facebook Lets You Manage More Personal Privacy Content

The on going issues with social networking are typically Privacy & Discretion. Facebook deals with a lot of both; which often times becomes more of how they responded rather than what happened. They’ve developed a slew of new features that should help make every users experience a better one. Things you don’t fully understand can be extremely difficult to work with; but knowing something in and out, front to back makes a world of a difference. Facebook takes you into their Newsroom to give you some newly generated tips & tricks to help better your social networking experience! Tat Wza

(Photos) New Series Of “Happy” Casey Anthony Pics Leak!!

Just one week since a series of personal Casey Anthony photos and videos hit the ‘net, another group of pics have been released (from the same Twitter account that leaked the first batch) featuring the dog Casey has recently adopted. Puppy kisses and duck faces? Seems like someone is hacking into her computer and stealing the photos off her Photo Booth. Check them out after the jump… Wendy L.

Tech Talk Legal: UK To Legalize Piracy!!!

The announcement is supposed to go down Later today, which we will see how it affects the US, but the word is that the UK will let it be cool for a type of Piracy, hit the Jump to see exactly what!! Tat WZA WZA on Google+

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