(Photo) Justin Bieber Has 24 Hours To Save His Monkey?!?

This poor monkey–taken from his mother before he turned one and traveled with Justin Bieber for a bit only to be detained in Germany for not having the proper paperwork in April. Now it looks like Germany is tired of playing babysitter and demands Justin save his monkey within 24 hours before it goes to a German zoo.

(Photos) In Pets We Trust: Joe Budden Spends QT With His Cane Corso; Kaylin Garcia Cops A New Puppy

They may not be together anymore, but they still have things in common…like loving dogs! Joe Budden showed some love to his dog Brooklyn on Instagram earlier today, a 2-year-old Cane Corso that he added to his family (that included a Grey Nosed Pit named Harlem) in 2011. Shortly following his post, Joe’s ex Kaylin Garcia showed off her new purchase, a cute little terrier she affectionately named Toto, clearly after the movie, Wizard Of Oz. Check out the reality stars and their pets in the gallery!

(Video) Woman Brings Baby Rats On NYC Subway?!?

Sh*t you only see in NYC–a woman casually carrying 8 baby rats AND cleaning the rat cage right on the subway. Check out this ridiculous video after the jump.

(Photo) Damn, Joe Budden’s Dog Is Practically Bigger Than Him!

Joe Budden owns 2 dogs, a blue-nosed Pit named Harlem that he’s had for many years and a cane corso named Brooklyn that he got in late 2010/early 2011. Harlem is pretty laid back and not too big, but Brooklyn is getting bigger and bigger and he pretty much trumps his owner! Check out the pic Joey posted to his Instagram last night following Love & Hip-Hop in the gallery. Sheesh! Marisa Mendez

New Program Helps NYC Owners Find Their Lost Pets!

A new program that helps owners find their pets is already a success. Not even a week old, this program has already reunited animals with their owners. Click below to read more. Melissa Nash

The Dangers That Marijuana Has On Your Dog!

Many people smoke marijuana in the presence of their pets and do not think anything of it but new research shows that marijuana smoke is very dangerous for pets, especially dogs! The THC in marijuana can remain in a dog’s system for a few days and can result in death in some cases! Read what else can happen below. Julie1205

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