(Photo + Video) Blac Chyna Exposes Rob Kardashian’s Phone Number On Twitter

Family feud! Looks like Chyna took a page out of her baby’s daddy’s book and leaked his phone number for everyone to see.

(Photos) Rob Kardashian Drops Kylie Jenner’s Phone Number On Twitter

Rob Kardashian must realllly have been upset with Kylie to do this one…

(Video) Donald Trump Gives Out Lindsey Graham’s Phone Number On Live TV

Donald Trump literally gives zero f**ks. Today during a speech decided it was time to get even with Senator Lindsey Graham for calling him a ‘jackass.’ While taking a series of shots at the senator Trump proceeded to give out his personal cell phone number…on national TV! That’s seriously a low blow. Check out the video below.

Lemme Get Dem Digits: Katy Perry Accidently Leaks Her Own Phone Number!

If there was ever a big “oops” moment in life, this would be it. On April Fool’s day (ironically), Katy Perry posted an adorable video of her dog Butters with a caption referencing Rihanna’s song that says, “BITCH BETTER HAVE MY MONEY IF BITCH WANTS SAUSAGES!” The video seemed innocent and cute until people started to realized that on Butters’ dog tag, ALL of her personal information was listed, including her personal phone number. With that being said, all 70 million Twitter and 16 million Instagram followers that Katy has now have her digits. Luckily for her loyal fans, they alerted Katy by sending her numerous tweets and IG messages telling her to take the video down. Since she realized the mistake, Katy deleted the posts and deactivated the phone number. Check out some of the reactions to Katy’s leaked number over in the gallery.

(Video) CTFU! Kanye West Says Barack Obama Definitely Has His Phone Number!

According to Kanye West, Barack Obama told a little white lie. The Prez had a talk with Jimmy Kimmel live on Thursday night and he was asked if he ever called Kanye at his home because that’s been mentioned before and this was Obama’s response, “I don’t think I’ve got his home number.” Well, he didn’t say he didn’t have his number, just not that one. TMZ spoke to Yeezy at LAX where he said he got nothing but love for the POTUS but he DID call his house. LOL! Watch the full clip below!

NFL: LOL What An Awesome Friend, Johnny Manziel Says He Tweeted His Friend’s Phone Number as a Prank

A few days ago Johnny Manziel tweeted out a phone number and everyone assumed it was his and he did it on accident while probably trying to send a direct message.  Well sorry ladies (and some gentleman), the number doesn’t belong to Manziel.  Johnny addressed the situation and revealed he was pulling a prank.

(Photos) NFL: Bad Move! Johnny Manziel Accidentally Tweets His Phone Number To Everyone!

Johnny Football made a big boo-boo on twitter a little while ago, when he apparently tweeted out his phone number to all of his more than 1.2 million followers, accidentally. More than likely it was meant to be a direct message and he just wasn’t paying attention. The number was retweeted like crazy and the voice mail box of that number filled up immediately. No more than 15 minutes after he sent the tweet, the number was disconnected completely. He quickly deleted the tweet itself but in the age of screenshots it was just too late.

(PHOTO) NBA: LeBron James Put on Blast For Getting Woman’s Number at White House

This kind of snitching has got to stop. While yes, LeBron could have been trying to holla at a woman at the White House during his trip there — there is no way we could know what the exchange was about.  So now business between a man and a woman doesn’t happen?!  C’mon mannnnn. I guess it should be noted that Savannah was NOT there, but it still doesn’t mean that something shady was going on.  NBC Producer Stacey Klein decided to put LeBron James on blast for taking a woman’s number.  Check out what she tweeted & let us know what you think…

NBA Prospect Will Not Give The Spurs His Phone Number

I get why he would want to do this, but this can’t be good for business.  I’m pretty sure if you want to get drafted by an NBA team, you need to be willing to give out your info…all of it.  Can’t you always change your number later?!  I can’t wait to see how this turns out for Deshaun Thomas. Report after the jump…

DAMN! Man Hits A Woman With His Car Because She Didn’t Give Up Her Number!

Can we say THIRSTY?! You get shot down so often that you had to take it to the point of what could have been vehicular manslaughter? TSK TSK! Drop down bottom for the details on this story.

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