(Video) SMH: Lindsay Lohan’s Fiance Tackle Her For His Phone

You know what they say, if your partner fights you for their phone…something’s up. Lindsay Lohan and her fiance Egor Tarabasov got in a bit of a scuffle after he tried to get his phone back. Hit the jump to watch.

Study Finds That 1 In 10 People Check Their Phone During Sex

A recent study has just found out that a lot of people actually check their phones during sex. Im not sure if thats a good or bad thing. Is the sex that bad that people feel the need to check their phone? Or is the cellular device just that addicting that people cant even enjoy an intimate night.

Justin Beiber Is Being Sued For $100,000 After Allegedly Smashing A Phone

Justin Beiber is now facing a $100,000 lawsuit for smashing a phone. Yeah, sounds crazy right? A man by the name of Robert Earl Morgan says that Beiber smashed his phone while at Cle nightclub in Houston on April 9.

(Video) Ariana Grande Gets Phone Thrown At Her While On Stage At iHeartRadio Concert

Ariana Grande had her share of tricks and treats a day early this year for halloween. While Ariana was on stage at the iHeartRadio concert in Burbank California where she performed, someone from the audience threw a cell phone at her! Thankfully Ariana knew just how to handle the situation. Read more to find out how after the jump!

(Video) Jerrod Carmichael Shares ‘The Perfect Phone For Filming Police Brutality’ In New Funny Or Die Skit

Up and coming comedian, Jerrod Carmichael chooses to use his talents to tackle major issues such a police brutality head on. In a brand new Funny or Die skit, Jerrod introduces ‘The Perfect Phone For Filming Police Brutality.’ The phone that just might give Apple a run for their money, is called Onyx, and has features such as long-lasting battery power to capture “racially motivated arrests,” badge recognition software as well the ability to “call the police on the police.” Check out the skit below.

NJ Burglary Suspect Reveals Plan With Inadvertent “Butt- Dial” 911 Phone Call

Police report a New Jersey man told on himself by not properly locking his phone to prevent an inadvertent phone call. Out of everyone he could have accidentally called, he just so happened to inform the authorities of his illegal activity.

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