(Check The Pics) Azealia Banks Is Now Without A Label!

Whether she’s going indie with Dame, or headed to another label, Azealia Banks is finally off of Universal Records, worked out for everyone!

(Photos) REAL iPhone 6 Frame And More Leaks, See How Thin It Is!!!!

This shows us a couple things, like yes how thin it is, and it’s going to be metal, Not plastic!

(Fellas Check The Pics) Check Out Some Of Our Favorite Celebrity Side Boob Flicks!

There’s a few very simple things that we find sacred in this world. Yoga pants, free WiFi and the oh-so sexy “side boob.” Great cleavage is often hard to perfect, but the sideboob is easy and always looks wonderful, regardless of the size of one’s tatas. Take a look at some of our fav celebrity sideboob flicks over in the gallery and let us know who your favorite is!

(PHOTOS) MLB: Ooo La La! Check Out These New Pictures of Derek Jeter’s Model Girlfriend in Different Bikinis!

Apparently Derek Jeter is back with his model girlfriend, Hannah Davis, and some new photos of her in different bikini have come out. Enjoy fellas!!!

(18+PHOTOS) NFL: Terrell Owens Estranged Wife’s Nude Pictures Leak!!!

Awww man, this situation just gets worse and worse.  Terrell Owens’ wife of a couple days, Rachel Snider, has just had her nude photos leak online!  She confirms that the pics are hers and take a guess at who she’s blaming?!  She said that TO is the only one that had these naked pics and thinks they leaked on Twitter through an account that is associated with TO. Welp, this divorce just got more fun.  Enjoy fellas!

*Updated* NBA: Paul George & Rep Release Statements Regarding Nude Photos!

Earlier today we shared some nude photos of Paul George, Kenyon Martin and others.  They all allegedly got catfished.  Well Paul George’s rep has released a statement regarding the pics.  It’s hard to prove that those pics AREN’T any of the ballers since the tats match up.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ *Updated with Paul George’s admission*

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