(18+PHOTOS) Sports: Damn! Paul George & Kenyon Martin Catfished! They Sent NUDE Pics To Male!!

So you guys are still falling for this?!  People still out here getting catfished?!  Damn son, this is embarrassing. Pacers baller Paul George, Knicks baller Kenyon Martin & Redskins WR Dezmon Briscoe have all been reportedly catfished by the same person — and to make it worse — the person was a man posing as a woman.  Yes, we now have some 18+ photos of these athletes thanks to the “catfisher.”  You can identify Paul, Kenyon and Dezmon by their tats.  When are you fellas gonna learn?! ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Check it out….It’s for ladies only!!!

(Warning*18+*Video/Pics) Anchorman Uses Twitpic Live On Air And Accidentally Shows Penis

Although the report was about a tragic news helicopter accident, a morning anchor man scrolled through a Twitter gallery, 1st showing the accident, then Edward ScissorHands, then some food, and then….

NBA: Did Andre Drummond Leak Racy iCarly Pics?!?! They BOTH Have Something To Say About It!!

What a hot mess.  SMH.  This all started when “iCarly” star Jennette McCurdy decided to put her short lived relationship with Andre Drummond on blast for all to know about.  Two days later some sexy lingerie pics were leaked (you can see them HERE).  Of course many thought that Andre leaked them as revenge for embarrassing him.  Well Jennette just spoke out about on Twitter and Andre also had something to say about it. Check it out…

(Check The Pics!) When Taking A Selfie Goes EXTREMELY Wrong…

The art of taking a “selfie” is not as simple as it sounds. It takes lots of practice and skill to perfect the angel, lighting, background and even the faces made to construct the perfect selfie. However, not everybody is a skilled professional like Kim Kardashian. We’ve constructed a list of some of the absolute worst selfies in the world. Check them out over in the gallery!

(Photos) An Emotionless Kanye West Poses For A Selfie With An Excited Fan

While Kanye West was leaving his lavish NYC apartment, a super hyped fan started bombarding the “Yeezus” rapper by taking numerous selfies. As always, Yeezy looked completely unenthused with a straight face, showing no sign of emotion. Hilarious! Check out the pics captured from the comical incident in the gallery.

(Photos) Aw! Wiz & Amber Show Off Pics From Baby Bash’s First B-Day Party

Taylor Gang’s head honcho and his wife Amber Rose celebrated the first birthday of their son Sebastian (aka Bash) on February 22nd. The celebrity family chowed down on some birthday cake while showering their son with presents for his born day. Check out the heart-warming flicks over in the gallery!

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