(Photo) Artist Receives Backlash Over Controversial Whitney Houston Tribute

Jason Mecier an artist best known for his portraits made from different things ranging from trash to candy and now he’s facing backlash over his Whitney Houston tribute. Although the official cause of Whitney’s death has not been released, there has been a lot of assumption that prescription medicine was a factor. Know her past and that prescription pills were found in Whitney’s hotel room, Mecier decided create a “pill portrait” of Whitney and many are calling it insensitive. Find out what he thinks and see a pic of the “pill portrait” below. Julie1205

(Photo) Check out this portrait of Amy Winehouse made out of pills!!

Now this is cool art…and no coincidence! L.A. based artist Jason Mecier has captured Amy Winehouse in this incredible portrait made out of 5,000 multi-colored painkillers. Check it out after the jump!! @ItsLukieBaby

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