(Photos) Pioneer Of Promotions Jessica Rosenblum Uptown Tonight !

At one point, the National Security Administration ,was and to some, still is an invisible hand in the United States government. I would say, a pioneer of promotions, Jessica Rosenblum is analogous to the quasi omnipotent agency. Largely, due to the unseen influence they both share in their respective industries. The talented and intelligent woman is a “mover and shaker “ in the entertainment world, and many would not recognized the instrumental contributions she makes, specifically to the Hip-Hop culture.

Car Game Meannn: Apple Carplay And Android Auto Coming To Aftermarket

And just when you thought Apple and Google’s tech beef couldn’t go as farther as it already is, they stun the consumers again! Now their new way to compete is inside your car. Apple Carplay and Android Auto is a new and safe way to keep your hands off your phone, but still be in the loop. Check out the in’s and out’s of these products and why TatWza might want to get the Apple Carplay after the jump.

DJ: HDJ-500 PIONEER Headphones

The HDJ-500 Pioneer Headphones are refined design with maximum comfort and durability. Its professional sound quality providing clear audio reproduction and Rotating Arm Structure. It also includes two interchangeable cords and available in red, black, or white for your style of look. More info and where to buy after the jump… @DJJUANYTO and everything on Tech ask @TATWZA

DJ: Pioneer DDJ-S1 (Detail Photos)

In January we showed you the Pioneer DDJ-S1 , price at $1599 which includes Serato ITCH with a good weigh of 11lbs. The pros are Itch integration provides hassle free plug-and-go play, ‘Slip mode’ has some great uses and Nifty laptop incorporating design. The Cons are its too expensive and no opportuntiy to add extra controllers to the setup. More info and pics after the jump.. @DJJUANYTO  

(Video) DJ: Pioneer DJM 900 Nexus

Pioneer DJM900 Nexus Pioneer is the club standard with both their CDJs and DJM mixers. The DJM 900 Nexus looks like the 800, but has more options. Its Price suggested at $1999 and is available now at your local retailers. @DJJUANYTO

DJ: Pioneer x SE-NC31C-K Noise Cancellng Earbud Headphones

These pack a mean punch and more. Don’t think they would give you that illusion that you in a stadium or Imax Theater because the Pioneer x Noise Cancelling Earbud Headphones will give you that experience. For more on the details and overview check after the jump… @DJJUANYTO and for everything on Tech hit up @Tatwza  

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